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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Opinions please?

I am working on a commission piece of a Bonsai tree. The lady is quite delightful about letting me "do my artist thing", but it is somewhat frustrating that she won't give me much input on what she DOESN'T like/want. This piece has been commissioned as a gift for her husband, the Bonsai aficionado. I worry about the pink being too "feminine. The panels aren't cut to size yet - and the center panel is an antique plum blossom kimono panel.

Originally, I was going to cut the fabric lengthwise and put the darkest panel on the left, the silk in the center, and the lightest on the right. The Bonsai tree will "drip" across all three, and the Kanji script for Bonsai will be somewhere on the piece as well. I just can't get this arrangement out of my mind now that I see it.

Comments, please? Am I too concerned about this?


Lindah said...

Of course, colors on my old monitor can be deceptive, but it seems more coppery in effect than pink. With your other panel plus bonsai, etc...I should think you have an acceptable color scheme for male or female.
Some years back, friends brought home a piece of Thai silk for my husband...a lovely, deep, dusty rose background with a very dark brown, leafless tree silhouette landscape. I had it framed for him in a simple cherry frame. He has always liked it--pink or not!

Nellie's Needles said...

On my computer it looks like shades of plum. It all sounds good to me.

Marilyn said...

Yes! One of the most endearing qualities of Oriental art is the presentation of "the unexpected" - be it in color or form. If this color blend appeals to your artistic senses, I think you really must go with it.