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Monday, November 10, 2008

New friends, old friends

I was so pleased to open this Sunday's newspaper to a special "Green" section and to find that our own Bonnie Hunter had a nice article in it...presented by the Kansas City Star books/Pickle Dish group, I'm sure. Have your ordered her book yet? Go see her here, for a signed copy!

A couple of days ago, I opened my email to find an invitation to a local guild that meets about 30 minutes away from my new house. When I found out it met during the day (I don't drive at night usually), it was a go! So this morning, off I trundled to the Lee's Summit Guild and I met some new friends! I also found out that a few of them (you know who!) have been following my blog, so while they were new to me, they pretty much already knew me. It sure wouldn't hurt to leave a comment once in a while, would it? LOL! No pictures this time, but for sure I'll take my camera to the guild meeting in January! Yes! I joined the guild-but I got so excited about being part of the group, I forgot that I won't be here in December for their Christmas party. And since I signed up to bring food, and to share a ride with one of the members, I'd better get an email out about not being there.

Where will I be? Well, we're going back to one of our favorite parts of the world: Anguilla. We'll be leaving the day after Thanksgiving, and be gone for 15 days. We're going earlier this year than usual so we can enjoy the grandchildren over their Christmas Holidays. You can check the weather in Anguilla on my sidebar labelled Vacation weather. There's quite a difference between here and there, I gotta tell ya!

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Tissy said...

I saw this too at a friend's house!!! I was so excited for Bonnie- what a wonderful person!!!!

Fellow Missouri Quilter, Darlene