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Friday, November 07, 2008

Fall Harvest

It's been a busy time here in the Midwest. Did you ever wonder how your food gets from the field to your table? Here's a little taste.

This picture is not mine, but the fields around here look sort of like this...and they even work through the night.

The next two are the soybeans being loaded into the travel trucks from the "hopper" in the field. This was right in front of my house. Why they chose MY street is beyond me. Maybe it's because we're right across the street from their last fields, and that we are the only house on the cul-de-sac? They got a chuckle out of me taking pictures of them!

And as a reward for sticking with your "field to table" lesson, here's a picture of a twin size quilt top I just finished for my quilter. It's only about 9 months late! She is trading me long arm quilting for my making her a couple of tops. A really fair trade, I think!


Owens Family Adventures said...

Love the quilt!
We used to live close to an onion field. Oh boy!! Some days those onions would smell so good!

Joyce said...

That first picture might have been taken around here. Last year they got into the Guiness Book of Records for combining a field the quickest. John Deere sponsored it and everyone with a John Deere combine, including one of our friends, participated. There was a very similar photo in the local paper.
Love the quilt.

Teresa said...

Thanks for the pictures - I love seeing the big farms in action.

The quilt is beautiful and you are right, that is a great deal.