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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Whole lotta quiltin' goin' on!

That's not quite how Jerry Lee Lewis sang it, but it's the truth here in Sillywell, today!

The binding is all done, label attached, letters are written, care instructions packaged and the official photos are done for Baskets of Hope. Yea! This quilt will be auctioned at a High Tea in October, with the proceeds going to Cancer Action in Kansas City.

I made the label a bit different this time. I cropped a section of the quilt, worked with some text in Photoshop and then printed it on the cotton poplin sheet from Crafter's Images (formerly Muttonhead). I like this fabric - it's already pretreated, and the ink from my HP inkjet are stable through the wash. With my JoAnn's coupons, I can get it at half price, too! I think I like using the quilt photo on the label, and it's probably something I'll continue to do. (Names are left off to protect the innocent!)

"The Story of Sunbonnet Sue" came home from the quilter yesterday. It really turned out nice, with feathered circles between the blocks, and two sizes of feathers in each of the borders around. Once the binding is handsewn back, there will be a final picture of it, too. This is what it looked like before lunch.....

This is what it looked like after lunch. Lazy cats! They didn't sew the binding on until after their nap:)

I also finally got the border chosen for the replacement of the braid/no braid quilt, now officially known as Bound to the Prairie. It just happens to be the name of the line of fabric chosen for the connecting blocks, and when I saw that name on the selvedge the other night, it seemed to stick. I hated to go back to the store and buy MORE fabric, doncha know? Seems my math was just about right, too! This is all that is left of it!

The quilt is large enough to fit our bed, as requested by Hubby. I don't often make a pillow roll. I make it generally no smaller than 86" X 95", then turn it sideways on the bed. BOUND TO THE PRAIRIE is 102" X 92"! The backing was prepared today, and it is packed and ready to go to the IA quilter on Monday! (You see a lighter beige quilt under the edges in this picture.)

And last to report about is yesterday's circle class. All I can say, is that a great time was had by all - all three of us. We meet again to finish up the top in two weeks. Their homework was to sew 20 small circles, and make large 4 patch units for next time. Here's Beth and Vicky with their first circles. Class started at 10 AM, and these circles were made by 11AM. Way to go, ladies!


dot said...

You certainly have been busy. I like your Praire quilt. Your husband sounds like mine, tells me I make the quilts to small, that is why I have taken to make such big quilts now. I just don't know which ones I'll keep. I don't make all of them big but I try to stay twin or larger. If I know it is for my bed it will be at least 90.

loulee1 said...

Wow! What a busy post! I love your quilts. I adore Sunbonnet Sue so if the cats would please get on with it, ;-) I'm looking forward to a picture of that. Bound to the prairie is beautiful too.
Looks like you girls had fun at your class.

Jane Weston said...

Those cats look so comfortable. I always knew it was good luck to sleep under your quilts, but I'm not sure about cats sleeping on them LOL...probably has the same effect.

Judy said...

Those lazy kitties could have at least done the sewing!

Quilts turned out so well Sharon. I love the one for your bed still and can't wait to see Sunbonnet Sue all completed!

keryn said...

Your Prairie quilt is so beautiful, lovely colours and blocks. You must have had a lot of fun with that, and it looks stunning on the bed. It will be fabulous when it's quilted.

Kairle said...

Beautiful job on the quilt. I'll be eager to see it when it comes back from the quilter.

Anonymous said...

The basket quilt turned out great. I can't wait to see the Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Loved the Bound to the Prairie quilt and thought the borders turned out great. The circles made in your class looked great and looked fun to do. Always love to see the black cats sleeping on the quilts. Cats just seem to go with quilts. Looking forward to seeing more quilts/pict. Sherri

Anonymous said...

I did a long post last night but it never showed up so will see if this short one does. I love the outcome of the basket quilt. Your Bound to the Prarie is great and looks wonderful on the bed. Loved seeing the circles and I would love a class like that. The black cats are adorable and they sure go with the quilts. Love you blogs and whats happening with you. Keep tabs on that BP. Sherri