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Saturday, August 11, 2007

I've been working on the binding for the little Sunbonnet Sue Story, along with some help. It's finally finished, even though Bonnie didn't like me moving it around for the edge work. It finished at 56" X 66". Now, I am working on binding for Everything But the Kitchen Sink. I posted a picture of it July 5th - you can see it in the archives if you've forgotten what it looks like. It's a big one, so the binding should keep Bonnie and I busy for a while.

Here's a closeup of the blocks. These are painted blocks of the Sunbonnet Babies story, and in each of them, they are doing different activities. I've had the blocks for quite a few years now, and used Sharyn Craig's Successful Sets book to use the idea of how to set them.

Now, this can be put away for a future grandchild or great-grandchild. It's nice to work on something with absolutely no one in mind!

I've put the circles away after sewing a few of the foursome blocks together, and cutting more squares for the future. That way, I don't have to worry about finding some fabric again for them:) BUT, rest assured, they've been packed in a project box waiting for their turn again!

So guess, what's out of the box now? But what was I thinking when I put it away? I am short some of the setting squares, and the red fabric is nowhere to be found. Looks like I need some more red! I'll need to use a black print inner border, then a second border of red, and then it depends on what comes out of my black and white stash box for the final borders.


Libby said...

Wow three gorgeous quilts!! But I absolutely love the bottom one the most :)

loulee1 said...

Wow you've been busy. And I'm sure Bonnie was a big help! LOL Those are three beautiful quilts, I particularly like Sue.

Judy said...

Just gotta love Black and White prints!! SunBonnett Sue turned out very well! I see you get "help" from kitties too!

Nancy said...

You seem to have an ORGANIZED system for project rotation. Hmmm. Something to consider. I rotate projects, too, but not in any organized fashion.

Elaine Adair said...

How darling this quilt is! And as soon as I saw the setting, I remembered that's a Sharon Craig setting - she has some great ideas! This is so cute. Can you tell me about the painted part , and where you found the blocks and/or the paint. I've been wanting to try painting fabric but also want to 'keep it simple' .

Those other 2 quilts are also just stunning! Go Girl. 8-)

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

The Sue quilt came out great - the setting and fabric you used is just perfect for those blocks!

I don't remember seeing the colorful black and white quilt before - it certainly is fun and look - almost finished too!

Looking forward to seeing more work on the circles at some point in the future - you have a good eye for color combinations!



Rose Marie said...

What a great trio of quilts ! All are lovely but my eye is drawn to the bottom one.