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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Oh, if it just was this simple

I saw this today in a small town (south of where I live) grocery store parking lot.

You MUST click on the photographs to see the other phrases in all their glory!

I'm not sure, but I think the official Handicap Tag is laying in the dash, but it could just be another note about being handicapped, right? Or maybe the rear view mirror would fall off if a plastic hang tag was there?

I waited a while to see who the grumpy old man might be, but I never saw him, and I needed to get my starch and be on my way. So, beware of the "no fake" grumpy old handicapped man" that might be out there!

More posting later in the week about the successful circle class I held today.


loulee1 said...

Sure brightened your trip to the store! LOL

Anonymous said...

I guess you nver know what you might see in a parking lot! I'm looking forward to hearing about your circle class. Glad it was such a success. Sherri