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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Look what came in my email yesterday? Our very own Judy has this beautiful book out. And then in the mail, came my AQS flyer with the same advertisement for her new book. How lucky we are that Judy is in our webring, and that she shares so freely with us!

I am finally letting myself start to be excited about my upcoming trip to Nashville, TN on August 21. My buddy, Carolyn and I plan on attending the AQS show there. If anybody is going to be there, let me know, and maybe we could meet up? We are returning home late Friday night, so it's a short trip.

What I am most excited about though, is not quilting (for a change). I've been researching our family genealogy for quite a few years now, and this is the area where two and maybe three branches of the family converge. There are quite a few locations where they lived and died within 100 miles of Nashville, so I thought I would do a little genealogy traveling, too.

It turns out that I have "kin" buried in two different family cemeteries in Dickson County, TN, just west of Nashville. THEN, I have 4 others buried in Civil War National Cemeteries south of Nashville, near Franklin and Murfreesboro. This morning, I reviewed the Civil War Day by Day Almanac, and looked at some of the battle maps to get my bearings. This should really be a great trip, and put some perspective on my heritage as well as one of the bloodiest battles near the end of the Civil War. One of my most favorite books of the year is set in this area. If you haven't read it yet, you should read Widow of the South by Robert Hicks. I plan on visiting Carnton Plantation, which is the Widow of the South's home, since some of the ancestors are buried there, too.

Most of yesterday, I spent working on a driving map of the area, along with cemeteries and places to go. Here's my genealogy route, if you are interested.

Have you ever wondered how many degrees of separation there are in our quilting community? Check Bonnie's blog entry on July 28 and see what she was posting about that day. Then come back and read on here.

Look at what came in the mail for me today. Yep! I was the winning bidder on the quilt that Bonnie was talking about then! What a hoot since I was already watching that entry well before she blogged about it! The quilt is ever so soft, made from scraps of 1930's feedsacks, fabrics from the 40's and even a small piece of flannel made it in. The white is all flour sack material. There's only a couple of small spots on the back, and the quilting stitches are nice and tight. I am going to hang this one in my upstairs hall where you can see it when you come in the front door. It really makes me smile!

And of course, Mr. Clyde has laid claim to his part of the quilt, too!

Ahh, serendipitous events!


Ms. Jan said...

Lucky you! Thanks is a lovely quilt.

Judy said...

WOW!! It took me a few minutes and finally turning my head to figure out that block...but so unusual and very neat! Glad Clyde approves.

Anonymous said...

Loved your Sunbonnet Sue Story quilt--very adorable. The circles are great and will wait to someday see the finished quilt. I like the colorful house/star quilt. What can I say, I love them all and want to make one of each! I will have to get the new nine patch book. Lucky you to know the author. Have a wonderful trip to Nashville and also good luck tracking your genealogy. I would like to read Widow of the South so will have to look for it. Bonnie and Clyde are so adorable and just go with the quilts! They are two lucky cats to have so many quilts around. Always love your blogs. Thank you. Sherri

Angie said...

Gorgeous quilt that you won from Bonnie!! And your SS is just adorable! Mr. Clyde is a hoot...I love seeing him stake his claim to your quilts. :>

Lynn Dykstra said...

I love this pattern. It is wonderful that a maverick from the past will, in all likely hood, thanks to the web, be recreated by some of us who see it.

Dawn said...

Well how fun is that! I really liked that quilt pattern! I"m glad you won it!