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Saturday, December 09, 2006

The last of the bunch!

They're done! AND delivered!

We took all 30 quilts to the clinic on Tuesday and had a nice informal lunch with the staff. Afterwards, the Director of the clinic gave the Sisters their surprise in her office, so it was low key and personal. It was wonderful to see the delight and wonder in their eyes, that the twin size quilts were for THEM! The last of the pictures I posted today are the Diabetic Education reward quilts that we will continue making over the next year.

I've had construction going on in the house for the last few weeks too. We had a closet organizer system put into the master bedroom walk-in closet, and hardwood on the stairs going upstairs as well as the long hallway and landing leading to the three bedrooms there, too. New carpeting was supposed to be installed in the bedroom and closet this past Thursday, but the installer never made it, nor did he call. Why do we always seem to end up with these guys, Huh? So now, we have to wait around on Tuesday to get it done. Of course, I am still living out of the three bedrooms full of furniture and contents from my bureau drawers in the meantime.

Because of all of this, I am not putting up a Christmas tree, and no decorations. Well, I DID put up the Christmas quilt, with three Jim Shore Santas in front of it. And my apple swags are waiting to be put up instead of the pink roses in the main living room. But that's it! My friends are having a hard time believing that this is all I will do. I usually start decorating around Thanksgiving, and it takes me until Christmas Eve to finish it all. We will just enjoy everyone else's this year!

This is a little art quilt I made a few years back that makes me smile. It was supposed to be a self-portrait, but it's a little too "tidy" to be me. But, this is exactly what I will be doing in my "stewdio" for the next few days.


Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

Your donation quilts are fabulous - the exact pattern I am considering for my cousin who had an anerism this summer and is now in a wheelchair. I think it is a good pattern for guys too.

Construction can be very overwhelming on top of other family concerns. So, take it easy and don't feel badly about not overdoing on the decorating department. In Austria the Christmas tree is not put up until Christmas Eve and is certainly down by New Year's Eve!



Sandra said...

I'm so glad your quilts were well received, every one of them was lovely! Oh for a skinny waist like your quilty portrait LOL.

Jennelle said...

The quilts are absolutely beautiful!

You must feel such a sense of satisfaction tonight. :-)



The Calico Cat said...

2 things:
1. I am so amazed at your perseverance in doing the same quilt over and over!

2. the installer never made it, nor did he call. Why do we always seem to end up with these guys, Huh? We get them too! Oh and if you have Pergo (or any pergo like floors) and happen to damage it, good luck in getting anyone to even consider replacing it... it took us the better part of 3 weeks to just get 2 guys out to look at it & we had to pay one of them $25 for the priveledge. - but he did like my kithcen... GRIN

tracey said...

What a *wonderful* thing for you and the girls to do!! I LOVE THEM!! I'm sure that it warmed their heart, and will continue to, for quite some time. Great job, Sharon!!