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Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's hard to believe that this weekend promises to be so nice with temperatures in the 60's. Especially after the snow we had just a couple of weeks ago!

I've spent most of the time this week taking care of my mother. She had a small stroke Sunday morning, but didn't realize it until several hours later when she couldn't tie her shoes. The left side of her face is somewhat paralyzed, but she can still speak (slurred and no tonal inflection) and eat (has a difficult time chewing). Her left thumb wouldn't work, but has gotten stronger and the big news this week is that she can actually work the hooks and eyes on her bra! She will be getting physical/occupational therapy and speech therapy, so we are hoping for some more positive results there, too. She was afraid of being left alone when we returned from the hospital, so I slept on her floor. Euuwww! It's a concrete floor with carpeting on it, and it sure was hard. I think it got harder as the night got longer!

And I am not hard to please! Lookie what I found at our local Wallie World!! I was so excited to find this, I bought two rolls, and I think I am going to go back and get the neon green roll, too.
I use it to wrap my thermofax screens. For those of you who don't know about thermofax screens, you can check it out here

What's a blog post without a snapshop of my Bonnie girl, doing what she does best? Sleeping and guarding quilts! Now, I am trying to get the last of my Christmas sewing completed for early gift giving on Saturday.


Ms. Jan said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. Hang in there, Sharon.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

I wish you and your mom the best in her recovery.

My son (he is 15)loves duck tape and just plays with it. I love the bright colors.

Angie said...

I'm sorry to hear this about your Mom. Prayers are winging their way to you both. :) Love the picture of your Bonnie...she looks like my Homer Kitty and Finn's Ms. Ebby. :)

paula, the quilter said...

Hope your mom has a swift and full recovery. We are expecting a storm this weekend (Sunday) so you will probably get it Mon or Tues.

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

Good to hear yer voice again, GF. You've been entirely too quiet for my taste! It's hard work ministering to an aging parent, but you'll never regret it. Love, me

Judy said...

Well if it's the heat wave that we have had all week, then it's coming!! We have been in the 65 to 70 range all week and while hubby loves it I am missing december weather!

Love the duct tape colors!