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Saturday, August 25, 2012

And sew it goes!

    I am still using every spare moment to organize.  It's been interesting as I've fondled handled all this fabric while it is finding it's new home.  When I first started quilting, there weren't that many quilt shops, and if I saw fabric I liked, I bought it, without thinking about what I was going to use it for.  At that time, I did primarily hand applique work.  Hand quilting was my game, and hand stitching was in my hands whenever I was idle for any time at all.  Many small cuts of fabric with textures was what I bought.
     Then, machine quilting became accepted, and I could make even more quilts in less time because I could finish them faster.  New tools like the rotary cutter, and marking tools and specialty rulers came on the market along with many classes on how to speed things up.  That meant I mostly started piecing and not doing much hand work. I learned a lot of techniques, some pretty nifty, others I know I won't ever use again.  I bought a lot of the new tools, and only use about half of them.  
     More quilt shops came around, and now I see many of the same lines in all the stores I go to, regardless of the region.  Sure, some of the shops lean more toward a particular personality....say, for example, Civil War reproductions, Modern prints like Kaffe Fassett and Amy Butler, Aunt Gracie's 30's and brights.  When I saw fabric I really liked in the past, I bought three yards of it - that always worked for borders OR backings.  Neutrals without paint on them (WOWS) also started showing up, and I bought yardage of that, too.  Here's the result of that yardage shopping.  What's so funny, is I can tell you where I bought each piece, regardless of city or state - but I can't remember where I put my reading glasses!
Progress heading toward the bottom shelf - about 150  mini-bolts
     While pawing through the fabric sorting the fabric, I've found that my taste in fabric hasn't changed much - just the quality of the fabric.  I cleared out much of the early fabric pieces that were stiff with sizing, and just hadn't been out of the box in years. They will be good for charity quilts - nice enough fabric, but just not for me.  
LOOK! Only 12.5% of available storage to go!
    The funny thing about all this (today) is that I used to store all my fabric together in one large tub.  The bits that had been cut off from a larger piece were folded back, ever so nicely with it, probably to be used when that piece came out again.  So, now, they scraps been separated into a large tub (times 2).  It surely looks like I have enough strips and scraps to make at least 4 quilts!  So, that is the plan.  When I am all finished with the bigger sorting, these tubs will be sub-sorted into lights and darks.  Then whenever I have a bit of time on my hands, I will cut them into usable strips, squares, or whatevers.  Looks like a lot of strip scrappy quilts will be made here in the Midwest for a while!
Only the second of two tubs of scraps
Sometimes, it's easier to see the progress by looking at the empties than what has come out of them.  This is a total of 9 LARGE tubs, and 7 half tubs.  The multi-color drawer unit is also empty of the junk that was in it.  I have two half tubs of paints etc. and 4 large tubs of fabric to go.  Getting there!
Empties!  I hope the remaining fabric fits in the available space!

     And last, but not least, I found exactly what I need to take to my Gwen Martston retreat in two weeks.  A medallion or two........(from so long ago, they are hand pieced!)


Joyce said...

Congratulations on your progress. Isn't it amazing how much you can get in your space!

Debbie said...

Can't wait to see what you do at Gwens. I love her stuff.

Jo said...

Your painted chest of drawers really caught my eye. Could you give us a better picture of it and did you paint it yourself?