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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Time and inspiration!

We all have the same amount of time in our day, and the older I become the less there seems to be. How can that be? My time seems to be spent doing most of the things I want, interrupted occasionally by "required" things like shopping, cooking, cleaning, etc. Yet, when I look at what I am doing, I know there are some things that I have really let take over my time.  
Facebook is one of those. I often get sucked into the pages, looking at pictures that my friends have posted, or following links to news articles and comics and such. At the end of the day, what have I gained from that except to fill some time? A LOT of time, it seems, which takes away from other things I really want to do. I can still keep up with friends the old fashioned way, and I can still read the news on my own without it being filtered by singular posts. I knew it had gotten really bad when Hubby and I were FBing each other posts and notes and cartoons. So, with all that said, I am suspending my Facebook account until 2013.  
For those of you who "follow" me via Networked blogs which notify you on your FB account when I post, you will need to get the feed elsewhere. One way is to "follow" me on the blog page or your favorite RSS feed. Or of course, you can just bookmark the page and check it occasionally. I will be posting every day at least once a week on the blog with the reclaimed time by eliminating the FB time warp!
Now, for inspiration. A couple of you have emailed me privately asking about the painted chest that is in my stewdio. Don't you just love it? I didn't paint it, but always say, "I could have!" When I found this chest at a garage sale, I had been thinking of doing exactly this, so I snapped it up right away. It also came with a matching twin size headboard/foot board that I would really like to re-purpose as a bench. Maybe this winter? I keep my over sized rulers in the top drawer, Christmas gifts (shhhhh) in the next two drawers, and the bottom drawer has my quilting and embroidery hoops and anything else that is a weird size to store. Do I really need this in my stewdio, taking up valuable space? Well, yes, I do! It's my inspiration to play with abandon!  
Painted chest
Scrolled corners highlighted
Top of the chest on the edge (with a pin on the stripes)     
Here's the progress on those tubs.  They are all filled, and then there are some more on the top.  There are still 3 BIG tubs to go, so Hubby went and got me one more shelf!  He's putting it together as I type this post
Did you buy stock in Stearlite containers?
I plan on sorting the smaller tubs with another pass.  When I get back to them, I plan on using Comic Book boards for the 2 yard pieces that are presently stored in the smaller tubs.
How about stock in Polar Notions?
Remember the scrap bin I was making?  Here's the progress on that now -  TWO bins instead of one!
Scrap quilting forever for eveyone!
The most fun and rewarding thing from all of this organizing happened as I got to the end of the big tubs.  Look what I've found, hidden away!  Some of it I know is dated from 2003!  OMG!  And there's more that I haven't even shown.
On the design wall doesn't mean it is going to be finished anytime soon!
THIS one will be finished!  I am going to take it to Michigan with me next week and stitch it on the plane!
Hubby in the garden.  Words from the Garden Song
Do you think I will be able to find the same threads to finish out the seed stitching on it in my box of threads?  
Big box o'threads!
We've had the most luscious rains here in the Midwest overnight.  I'm sorry for those Southern folks who got the brunt of Isaac, but we sure needed the spin off!  Everyone loves it EXCEPT.........
Mayo the Wunder Dog
She loves her walks but not in the rain.  She loves her raincoat, but not in the rain. LOL!
Do I really have to go, Ma?
Yes, Mayo, we really have to go. No more Facebook, so there's more time for walks in the rain! See you all later! Keep stitching!


Susan said...

Hi Sharon, I've read on your blog before, but, decided to follow, if that's ok with you. You are so organized, AND, have a lot of supplies. Your chest is really nice, and, I'm sure you'll decide what you should do with it. Yes, you probably need it.

I hope you enjoy your time away from facebook. I know, we do get caught up in it. I have my blogs, that I do spend more quality time on.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day weekend...we didn't get much of the rain that Isaac brought. See you soon!

Cher said...

last Sunday my sister and I agreed to stop fb playing! I totally quit and now I am back to reading blogs and wonder of wonders, quilting! did suck up a ton of my time...glad you discovered that too...loved stopping by and seeing what you have been up to!

Debbie said...

I've been keeping up with you for a long time via Google Reader. Works fine! I just noticed your profile picture. What's the gas mask for?

Annie said...

Good for you on suspending Facebook! I have been using Firefox's LeechBlock to block myself from it for hours at a time during the day, but I still spend too much time on it. I spend too much time on the internet in general, I think. :(

Fitzy said...

I'm wondering if I could enjoy more creative time too...instead of reading about everyone else's business! Soooo much time on facebook and pinterest, etc, when my free time is already so limited.

Thank you for ANOTHER nudge. You have made such a difference in my life, thank you.