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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stewdio Rebirth

I've been working every spare minute I have, wrapping fabric on the new mini-bolts, and re-packing stuff to leave the house. So far, I've taken two car loads of things out of the house to be donated - things that I thought I would use at this new house, but now I find I don't miss them, and I don't really want them anymore. So gone, gone, gone!  
I also have been loading a box here and there with sewing things for friends that I know they will like. My new friend, Carol, got the benefit of several yards of various Kansas Troubles fabric that I know will never use. My stitch buddies, Carol, Shirlee and Vicky all get a small box or a big bag or a big tub of things that are just up their alley; yarn, patterns, fabrics and sewing notions.  
I am encouraged about just how much stuff is leaving - and how much more room I will have to store my things that I will really use!
So, with that said, here's the progress in the basement so far:
This is the mini-bolt progress.
Soon to be wall-o-fabric.
East wall (project boxes and mini-bolts at the far right).
My sewing center with a nice big window behind me, and windows on the east side. 
This is the faux wall that I use for my design center.
1 large design wall, and 2 small ones, a cutting table, sewing machine and notions rack. 
My proud installation!
I still have a lot of fabric to sort and fold, but it's getting there.  I think I might even be able to sew in this space as soon as we get the lighting sorted out.  We are still considering whether to finish the basement or not.  In the meantime, I am getting excited about having my own space once again! 


knitnoid said...

It looks good!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Wow! It's an impressive portrait of organization, well done!

Annie said...

Looks great! In our house, anytime we clean and sort an area of the basement (not for sewing, but just in general), it gets messed up again within a month. It's futile, but we keep trying.

Jo said...

Wow Sharon, I am so jealous of your huge 'stewdio' area. What a great job you're doing organizing the space. I'll bet it's cool and quiet down there. Glad you're blogging again; I always enjoy your updates.

Loris said...

Wow! You are working at it hard. It is coming together and those mini bolts look wonderful!

Unknown said...

I am so impressed that I started creating min-bolts for my closet. What a difference!