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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cambria tales

Last year, when the Sea Side Stitchers were at our home by the sea, we met some really nice friends we didn't even know we had! THIS year, we didn't see Loris on the first or second day, so we put a note out for her. You should always look around you for invitations, right?
Loris and the "invitation"
It seemed that everywhere we went, we saw art and beautiful things.  I think the ocean must be the inspiration to be so artful, don't you?
A pink door in the woods as in invitation to the woods?
Wouldn't this be a beautiful applique piece?
This is Wendy, the "camp director".  Here, she's working on a kit that she thought someone was really nice and had gotten all the pieces cut, and some of them even basted to the backing.  Hmmmmm, after a few minutes, she remembered that SHE had actually done that several years ago - LOL!  Time to get that UFO finished I think!
Wendy, Camp Director
Here are all the Sea Side Stitchers (and Harriet the Hedgehog).  We are reaping the rewards of Wendy's hard work from all week - aren't these soft cover books the "bomb"?

Sherri, Sharon, Harriet, Wendy, Margaret, Marj, Carol (in front)
We had marvelous weather for most of the week, but it did rain towards the end.  That didn't stop us!
Wendy and Sharon enjoying the hot tub
The surf was higher than in any years previous, and Carol was just fascinated with it - no matter how cold or windy it was.  This is the last morning, when the surf was almost up to our deck!
Carol's looking for the otter who visited every day
 Sherri and Marj were working on blocks for a block exchange.  I have to say that I really admire them that they would make 42!!! of these paper pieced blocks and the GIVE them away!
Marj, and some of her many, many paper pieced blocks
Carol worked on several projects this week, but this one really took off.  (The books on the top shelf are not part of the quilt!)
Caro, and the blended quilt
 Sharon worked on Mayo the Wonderdog, and completed the rest of the Star Whimsey blocks from her birthday quilt from the Amazing Quilt Babes.
Sharon and the Star Whimsey blocks (Mayo behind)
Sherri worked diligently day and night to complete her blocks.  Aren't they just gorgeous?  What you can't see, is that she fussy cut a little snowflake for the center of each of these blocks.
Sherri with her 42!!!! paper pieced blocks for an exchange
Margaret designed her own spheres and worked all week on this quilt.  Of course, even though she brought 1,523 yards of fabric, she didn't really have the right colors and had to go shopping at least 3 different times for just the right ones.  I think she added another 2,843 yards to carry home in her suitcase!  LOL!
Margaret with the fabulous quilt she made
And so, with all good things, the week had to end.  Until next year, Cambria!



floribunda... aka Julie said...

It all looks like so much fun -- I am just determined to meet up with you one of these years when you're out here in the west...

Barbara said...

I'll be in Cambria in 2 weeks with my quilting friends. Our house isn't so fancy (no hot tub or view of the beach), but we always have fun and get so much done.

powersthatbeequilting said...

Great pictures, good memories, good friends. Thanks.

Cathy said...

What a wonderful time you all had. Love the pics. Wish I could be there. Hugs.

Bonnie K Hunter said...

Oh the views!! Oh....that HOTTUB pic!! It looks so wonderful! I'm so glad you posted about your terrific time!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I could get closer views of your photos. I was hoping to see the "books" your group photo was showing to see them in more detail, given my limited eye-sight. Is there any way that photos can be clicked on and a larger view provided? Love your blog, enjoy your photos, but I can't make out the fine details. Thank you for sharing your adventures and quilting.
A Texan fan.