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Monday, May 09, 2011

And again....

And here I am again, another month in the making of yet another blog post. Do you find yourself running here, running there, turning in circles and having to take deep, big breaths at this time of the year? I sure do! Here some highlights of what I've missed posting....
Carol, Shirlee, Vicky, Sharon (standing), Ibby
Frog on the thorns
When we have a lot of rain, the toad come out to play.  I was trimming our bed of roses, when this little fellow became apparent.  Pretty tricky sitting, if you ask me!
Frog in the fountain
Then, on the other side of the steps, we have a recirculating fountain, and this guy came out to see me, too. Lovely day, even though toads aren't my favorite - they are good for the garden bugs!

I've been on Weight Watchers now since the end of February and I've made a promise to try new foods. Here's something that is ZERO points! Yes, it's free to eat! It's called Shiratake noodles, made from something and tofu is used to bind it. I added Laughing Cow Cheese, and a about 2 oz of chicken, and voila! A BIG lunch that is only 4 pts total! Thanks to my friend Joan who turned me on to these noodles. So far I've lost about 18 lbs.
Spinach fettucine
David Taylor has been visiting since last Wednesday, staying with hubby and I. I took a two day machine quilting class with him, and I think I finally have it! He's at my guild today and tomorrow teaching applique and machine stippling (a la David Taylor). I'd like to use that excuse as to why I haven't blogged recently, but it's not. I've just enjoying the lovely spring we've been having. Keep quilting!
May sunset in Missouri

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Big, deep breaths is how I get through, too! Congrats on the impressive weight loss, well done!