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Saturday, April 09, 2011

So, here I am again - back from the missing. Can it have been almost two months since I last posted and had hopes of being back here regularly? Answer - yes, indeed it has!

There are times in all our lives, when either the days or weeks or months get so full of things for everyone else, there is no time for yourself. I think that's how it's been for me. Letting go of the stress is as hard on your mind and body as actually going through the actual stress itself. And that is where I've landed. After having taken care of hubby, the house (for sale), selling the other house (now done), and just general nonsense of living, I am now ready for more action. I think my frame of mind is a bit better - or so I hope.
Tiny planes do not make me happy, but I boarded it anyway!
I managed to make it to my annual Cambria, CA girlfriend retreat which was a pleasant respite from it all. 2 days before leaving, Hubby went back in the hospital to deal with an infection. You've heard "come h..ll or high water?" That was me! I left him at the hospital (no danger except loneliness) and braved the tsunami warnings on the west coast. So, now you understand just how serious I am about my quilting retreat, eh? Since Daylight Savings Time was the same night/morning as my departure (as well as the NCAA Championship finals) I had to leave at a really early dark time in the morning. Literally, I went to bed after I got up to go to the airport LOL!

I'll post more pictures of the trip in a couple of days, but here's the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve walking trails that we were on most every day. Notice the gloves? It was a bit nippy for some! This trail is just down the street from "our" house on the beach.
Margaret, Sherri, Wendy, Carol all ready to boogie down the lane.
We spent the week laughing and sewing, and of course, it ended all too soon. The weather surprised us, but ended with a lot of wind and rain as we prepared to leave. Fitting, I'd say, wouldn't you?
Little Quiltgranny on a BIG bench along the ocean boardwalk.
And what have I been working on since I've been home?
Mayo the Wonder Dog
David Taylor was here last year, and he is such a great teacher and friend. He'll be back for another private session with my friends and I on how to machine quilt naturally (not meandering, feathers etc.) So, I thought it might be nice to actually finish the piece I started when he was here last May. LOL!

I have lots more to share, and I PROMISE that I'll be back in a few days to get it all caught up.


Debbie said...

Glad to see you posting again, Sharon. I hope that Kevin is doing better. Are you going to show us what you made this year to bring to the ladies at the retreat?

QuiltingFitzy said...

We'll be here, and "we'll leave the light on for ya", whenever you are ready.

Cathy said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Hope Kevin is doing better. Hugs

Loris said...

Sharon, it was so fun to see you all again, enjoying that lovely house, ocean, ranch and quilty retreat. I hope your DH is doing well and that all the transitions are moving along smoothly. I am loving the fullness of your pooch's face coming together. It is looking wonderful.