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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

She's Here!

Saturday was the Machine Quilter's Showcase show with the Amazing Quilt Babes. It was a great show, and I'll post pictures another day when I am not so addle brained! Bonnie got here Sunday morning, and I feel like I've been on the run ever since! We had a nice relaxing Sunday afternoon with the grand kids over for dinner, and then Bonnie had some business to attend to on Monday during the day with the Kansas City Star people. After lunch, we stopped at Mom's Old Antiques in just up the road from me, and Bonnie hit the jackpot!

Then it was home for a quick apple snack, then off to Lawrence to her first venue in town.  Of course, along the way, we had to stop for more purple asparagus to bring home.  I always forget to get a picture of my friends and I when they are in town (Margaret!), so while there were extra hands after she got set up, we posed in front of one of her lecture quilts.

Bonnie's lecture and show and tell was so fun.  I stayed for the Kaw Valley guild meeting, said my goodbyes, then headed home.  Bonnie is staying in Lawrence for the daytime guild meeting and teach some classes today and Wednesday.  It took and hour to drive, and it was threatening rain all the way, but I got home safe and sound and dry.  I'll make the return trip on Thursday, of course, stopping along the way for more asparagus!

I got to sleep in today, and decided to work on the commission piece a bit this afternoon while it was quiet in the house.  I think I like where this might be going...stay tuned.

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Wendy said...

Fun quilt-y days for you! Enjoy!