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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bye Bye Bonnie

As predicted, it was a flurry of a week. After I took Bonnie to the Kaw Valley Guild in Lawrence, KS, I had a few days to get the housework done, and some mystery shopping completed. Then it was back to Lawrence to pick her up again. We did a little antique shopping again, and we had a lot of fun. Bonnie found a few nice things - a quilt for a friend of ours in CA, a baggie of vintage scraps. I found the bargain of the day, though! This is a nice little Singer Spartan sewing machine, that was made August 15,1960 in Elizabeth Port, New Jersey. It's a top loading bobbin, and it sure hums along!
After we got home, my stitch group, The Amazing Quilt Babes all came for dinner (thanks, Hubby!) along with Jennifer Dick, Bonnie's book editor, and my new friend from the guild. We had a nice little show and tell, and laughed the night away.

Here's Vicky's finished birthday quilt that is going to her grandson for his graduation gift. Didn't it turn out just gorgeous?
And Ibby brought her blended quilt that is sooooo Ibby!
Shirlee brought her second time around finished (or just about finished) Babes Flower blocks. She is fighting the binding, but she will soon have it conquered. These are the same blocks as mine, but in a totally different colorway and setting. I LOVE it! (Sorry the quilt is sideways in the picture.)
And although Jennifer isn't in the picture, this is her contribution for the evening. I tried talking her into leaving it with me, since it's in some of my favorite colors (RED!!!), but it went home with her anyway!
We had to say good bye to Bonnie Friday morning, dropping her off at the airport early in the morning. It just hasn't been the same here since she's left. I keep telling Mayo and Clyde that she'll be back in August, and it won't do much good to wait by the door until then. I guess they are just hoping....
And, last, here's what I've been working on these last few days while I've had some time. I am liking the composition a lot! Do you see the trees yet? This is only about 1/3 done to the width I am looking for. There's still a lot of 1.5" squares to be cut and sewn, and then the lace making for the leaves, and the fabric collage surface design. What do you think?


YankeeQuilter said...

Having Bonnie around is a real whirlwind isn't it! Looks like you all had a great time!

Anonymous said...

I see the trees!!! That is going to be an awesome quilt :) I can't wait to see more pics as you progress!!

quiltmom said...

Some really great quilts made by your guild ladies-
What fun you and Bonnie had- she sure found some nice treasures that she shared on her blog.
Your pets look so cute together waiting by the door.
I will be interested to see your new project in its progression.