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Friday, May 14, 2010

Donna made me do it!

I went to the Machine Quilters Showcase today as a white glover.  With that, I also got in free!  So after the white gloves job, I did some walking around and looking at quilts with my friend Margaret.  We also made a few little purchases.  I didn't buy much - just some fabrics that I hadn't seen before for the new commission piece.  Aren't they nice?

Margaret had to leave, so I went back in to take pictures of some of the quilts, and I kept getting distracted by my guild friends.  It's so nice to hear views of quilts from others.  Sometimes they help me think of different ways of looking at quilts and/or the quilting. During the last half hour I was there, my friend, Donna from the guild (Donna, you know who you are!) caught up with a bunch of us and was talking about her friends at Fabri-Quilt.  Then she opened her bag, and showed us the luscious fat quarter bundles she had just gotten.  So of course, I had to go see them for my self.  P.S.  Fabri-Quilt is here in Kansas City, so what can I say?

This bag is free!

Now, what's in the bag, you ask?  Here they are!

And from the side:

I'll be going back in the morning with the Amazing Quilt Babes.  I wonder if Donna will be there, so I can blame her again?  She even said she does a great job of spending other people's money.  And I second that notion!  LOL!


Anonymous said...

That's funny that you should make that comment about me being good at spending other peoples money - Larry has been saying that for years.
I look forward to seeing the amazing things that you create with the bundles. We'll have to get a group together to make a trip to their warehouse.

powersthatbeequilting said...

Interesting that Donna could get you to spend money when I couldn't. But you were great at helping me spend MY money!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Your stash additions are fabulous, after all the bag was free... what a deal! I'm always a sucker for bargains! ;) We may have the same friends, I have a few who like to help me spend my money once theirs is all gone. :)