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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where to start?

Gosh! Has it really been since the end of May since I posted here? I guess so, since my calendar has advanced without my looking!

Now, how do I start to get caught up? I think I will post just a few topics at a time, and then I hope to STAY caught up. Getting our new yard and garden put together between the rainstorms, and then the heat has taken up a lot of my spare time. I've also taken a few client projects, so I'll share them first.

The first one is a 1930's quilt with an unknown pattern. Does anyone know the name of it? I would really appreciate knowing it, if you do!

When it came to me, it was heavily soiled from storage. Here's a picture of the worst of the discoloration. It's on the edges on the left side that appear to be brown/beige.

What fun to soak a BIG quilt top in the bathtub!
This is the water after an 8 hour soak in Restoration. It's wonderful to find a product that actually does what it is supposed to do! The brown edges are almost white again!

I am going to repair the corners on this quilt using a vintage dresser scarf I found at an antique shop that matches the background fabric closely. Then I am going to add borders, and make a backing so the client can have it hand quilted (not by me).

This is another old quilt that I made a backing for the client. It's pretty fragile in many areas, and I recommended that it be used for display purposes only. I think she is going to tie it and then bind it.

This is the center of the quilt (without the final borders) of some embroidered blocks by my client's mother. I love the green swirly fabric she chose for the sashings!

Now after all this hard work, how about dinner? My son worked for the school bus company last year, and for Christmas they gave him a 19.5 lb. turkey. Since he doesn't have a freezer big enough, nor did he want to cook a turkey, I did. He and his girls came over for dinner, and we had a gobbling good time! Thanks, First Student!

Here's my son, Bryan and his girls, Kaitlyn (left) and Victoria (right). Aren't they sweet?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful family, good lookin' turkey and oh, my, I'll have to try that Restoration stuff! I would have been scared to try that but it looks like it went great. Thanks for sharing. Nancy in WI

Nadine said...

Gorgeous quilts, and good job done with the Restoration !
Now for the first one, I'm just on my way to start one like this, and the pattern name is "Arkanas Snowflake" (also known as "Periwinkle Star", or "Danish Stars") - but the corresponding templates name I ordered through Ardco templates by Quiltsmith is "Arkansas Snowflake" ...
Hope this will help you, dear ;>)


Annie Jones said...

Glad to see a post from you. That turkey looks scrumptious!

The Calico Cat said...

I thought that that pattern looked a bit like "Job's tears."

Karrin Hurd said...

Lovely picture of your son and granddaughters. The turkey looks scrumptious! Gorgeous quilts, and the Restoration looks like it did a wonderful job! Thanks for the update!

Nancy said...

Those girls are getting so grown up! And they're beautiful, too.

julieQ said...

Another name for your lovely quilt top is the Hummingbird. I have also heard Periwinkle. Just so pretty! Wow, such a lot of time and grime soaked out of that one! What a wonderful job.

Jay said...

Well I have heard it called Arkansas Snowflakes, or Periwinkle Star, both those have points meeting of the star tips, and set together with a octagon, when you set them together in squares, like yours appears to be, its called Pontiac Stars or Czech Stars.