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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Family, gardens (and yes!) Quilts

Sometimes, it seems as if I will never get back to the stewdio to sew!

We've had a lot of family company over the last couple of weeks due to my FIL's 80th birthday. No two people arrived or left on the same day, so it made for interesting meals, trips to the airport and plans for who was going to use the car on which days. This is a picture of my BIL, Brett,from Oregon after a long family day!

This past week, I've finished projects for clients and I've driven back and forth between the LQS (40 minutes away) three times. The LQS is closing July 1, which is sad, but I am happy for the owners who will be able to spend more time with their new grandchildren.

So besides company in and out with all that goes with that, we've also been working in the garden between severe weather, trying to get everything done. Here's the garden, and we should soon be harvesting squash like crazy! My grand daughter Kaitlyn loves it, so we planted a lot for her. I wonder if squash is related to bamboo as it seems to grow as we stand by it... Did you know that bamboo can grow 36" in 24 hours? Wait until you see how much that zucchini has grown in the next posting! I am going to wait until Wednesday to take another picture of Kaitlyn in the same spot, so you can see!

Here they are just one week later:

Here's the garden shed (which still needs to be painted) and part of the garden. We had to re-do just about everything 3 times because the rains kept washing everything away. We finally got smart and built some raised beds to plant in. Next year, we'll have double that!

Here is one bed of tomatoes, which are also a big favorite on our summer table.

And my "drunken" green beans (because of the pretty wine bottles marking the rows).

We've done our best by going green at this house as much as we can. We purchased two recycled totes that were used to hold soap for the car wash in a previous life, then "plumbed" them together with a spigot for a hose to the garden. That's 550 gallons of free water! In one inch of rain, and our size of roof, 400 gallons of water is available for reuse! Isn't that just great?

We are making our own grass mulch this year for the garden, too. You can see part of it in the garden beds around the zucchini plants in the above picture. Of course, that required and investment of real money for a lawn sweeper. Hubby mows in one direction, then I drive along in the other with the Gator sweeping in the other. By the time we are finished with the three acres, we have a LOT of grass clippings for the garden. Want some? LOL!

We decided we would go back to making our own compost, too. Instead of purchasing a new composting bin which are really quite pricey, we are constructing a bin from a recycled large trash bin we bought at a garage sale. We drilled 3" holes in the bottom so it can make contact with the earth for the worms to crawl into it, and more holes along the side for air exchange. We can't just have a "heap" because of the rural location of our home - lots of animals would root through it, I'm afraid.

So - no quilting/sewing for me except for client's quilts. I have one more to do before I can get to my own. In the meantime, please enjoy one of my friend's quilts. I've been invited to play with the BAG Ladies (Bohemian Art Group) of which she is a member. She also is going to have a new book (YAY!) out with the Kansas City Star books next month on her landscape/trees methods. Her name is Jane Kennedy and she is from Lone Jack, MO. Isn't her work just wonderful?


Mimi said...

Oh gosh!!! Does your BIL know you posted this picture of him? I laughed out loud when I clicked on it and saw him doing z's.

You sure have been busy, not sure why you can't work on your own quilts!! :p

Your garden looks wonderful and you have so many great ideas for going "green". Nice job. Our environment thanks you!

Is there a reason you put bottles on the stakes you used to mark your rows of green beans? Just wondering.

Jane's quilts are absolutely incredible. Wow!

Thanks so much for posting...I really enjoyed reading this.


Annie Jones said...

Shane noticed your rainwater bins when we drove by your house that one night. (He's observant like that; I didn't see them myself.)

He's been wondering about them, so I'm glad you posted about them.

Debbie said...

I'm not into gardening, but it worth scrolling down to see Jane's winter quilt. It is beautiful!

Check out the latest entry to my blog, Sharon. I was given the Kreativ Blogger award last week and you are one of the seven that I chose to pass it on to. Have fun!