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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A HOT summer day

First, before I forget (again!) - several of you have asked about the bottles in the vegetable garden. They are there for no other reason than they are "pretty" and I think they are sort of quirky. One of my quilting buddies started this idea with a Wine Garten of bottles near her gardening shed, and I've adapted it to my garden. Silly, but I like it.

I also wanted to thank everyone for sharing the name/s of the 1930's quilt from an earlier post. I'm still not sure if any of them are exactly correct because the quilt I have has the points squared rather than star points as in the quilts named: Pontiac Star, Arkansas Snowflake, Danish Star, Czech Star. I can't seem to find a picture of Hummingbird, so I don't know about that one. BUT, even though, this quilt might not be any of those, you DID help me identify one of my Grandmother's quilt patterns that I have stored away in the closet.

I usually sleep in, but this morning my neighbor down the road called and told me to run outside and look to the south. She wouldn't elaborate further, so dutifully I ran outside in my nightgown, hair standing on end, and looked to the south. What to my wondering eyes did appear (oops wrong story) but a hot air balloon landing. At our other house almost 13 miles due west and a little to the north, we saw hot air balloons every day when it got so terribly hot as it is this week. They would float across our property, both launching and downing. It's nice to know we will have the pleasure here at this house too! I just don't think I want to get up at 7 AM to see them, though, today was nice.

What's on my design wall today? ONE LAST CLIENT QUILT!!!!! Yay! Then my sewing time will be mine! Don't get me wrong - I LOVE doing these for my clients but it's even better when I have my time for my OWN quilts!

These are an assortment of blocks that were done in 2008 for her wedding memory quilt. Some are painted on with Tulip paints, some are cross stitched, some are machine embroidered, some are hand embroidered, and some are photo transfer. This is the cousin of a client of mine from last year who had the same organizer of the blocks.

Here's the first quilt from this family. She chose batiks for the setting, and the backing.

Cowboy is a neighbor's dog who has adopted us as his own. He sleeps on our front porch when it's raining or extremely hot. He brings us his deflated basketball to play with anytime we are outside. He follows us around, no matter what we are doing. Even though I don't usually like big dogs, this guy has won my heart. When he comes over, he leans his head on my leg as if he is saying "I love you". He has such a gentle spirit that you can't send him away!

Every ball we've ever gotten for him is soon deflated, which makes it great for tug of war, but not so great to have laying around in your yard. When we moved some of my shard work to the new house, there were several bowling balls waiting to be made into gazing balls. I just left them outside the garden shed, and Cowboy found one that apparently he loves. The best thing? He can't deflate it! He will play for hours rolling this around our three acres, growling under his breath and pawing it around. When he's tired, he lays down with it between his front legs as if to say "It's mine!"

Those of you who have followed my blog for the last few years know that I have a quirky sense of humor in the garden. I had a Crazy Dog garden at the last house, complete with Mr. Crazy Dog. Until this past week, he's been at the "spa" getting rejuvenated while I prepared his quarters for him here. Doesn't he look grand guarding his new digs with his new dentures, and stain? I glued back all his broken parts with Gorilla glue, repainted his features and stained his body with floor stain. This little garden is right outside my stewdio window where I can hear the fountain and watch the birds. You might have to double click the photo to see him a bit more clearly.

I'm sure the next post will have a lot more quilts in it. I hope to have the client quilt off the wall today, and start on the next one for me! This weekend is also a stitch day with the Amazing Quilt Babes here at the house, so you KNOW there will be quilts from that shindig!

See you later!

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paula, the quilter said...

Several years ago I did something similar to your bottles. I found myself the owner of a LOT of coffee mugs: freebies from trade shows. I put one of the vintage metal chairs into a flower border and set the mugs on the ground around it, some on their sides & some upright. It looked like someone left their mugs their. Then one day a friend thought she was doing me a favor and picked up every one of the mugs and washed them and brought them back. I did not have the heart to tell her she destroyed my 'yard art' but thanked her prettily and put all the mugs in a garage sale.