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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A quilt show and auction

Here in the Midwest (as I suspect in other part of the country) we have wonderful Fall Festivals. Every weekend in October we have at least two to choose from!

We decided to go to Drexel, Missouri for a fall fest where there just happened to be a quilt show too! Imagine that! I have a few pictures of some of the quilts, but not many as I had to go back outside for the auction. The quilt guild auctioned some forty quilts to benefit the local school foundation - a wonderful cause. And all the quilts were so nice, too! The youngest member of the guild was 12 (?) years old, and her quilt went for about $100.00 or so. How nice of the community to support this effort.

The first one is my favorite, and if it wasn't English Paper Pieced with over 2,000 pieces, you might find me doing this one! LOL!

I thought this is a great use of those bright colors and graphic shapes!

And here we are at the auction.

And look what came home with me!
Then it was Homecoming night for my soon-to-be 15 year old grand daughter. How can she have grown up so quickly? That's my son, her dad with her and also the other wonderful grand daughter, Kaitlyn.


Teresa said...

A very nice family picture!

The quilts look outstanding and it sounds like a fun event. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Laura said...

I love fall because of all the festivals.

What beautiful grandchildren!

quiltmom said...

What terrific quilts at the festival- I love the one that you brought home - the scalloped edge is especially lovely as the outside border.
what a nice picture of your son and grand daughters- they do grow up fast. I can't believe that I have a grown up son myself.

Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter,

jacquie said...

when i saw the word auction i wondered if you came home with something, and you did! gorgeous!!!