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Friday, September 26, 2008

Nothing much

Here's our little Stephen on his OWN Gator like his Opa's. Now that we are out in the country and there's no traffic, a boy needs his own space, doncha think?

Nothing much to report here in Missouri except the moving still goes on. How much darned stuff can two people have, anyway? I think we only have one more small truckload to go and it's done. At least, it will be done on that side of the state line - more to unpack here on this side of the state line is not thrilling to me at all. I've just decided that I will be like Scarlett in Gone with the Wind and "worry about that tomorrow". LOL!

No sewing at all has been done, except to re-sort more stuff into the stewdio. I've got some quilted denim laying on my cutting table to make slipcovers for my new dining room table pads, but I don't have the gumption for that either, so maybe tomorrow!

We're hanging more pictures, so it's feeling more and more like home, too. Soon, the pool will be closed at the other house, and the need for me to be going over there will be less, and I can focus on my new home. Cutting three acres of grass here and two acres there has been wearing Hubby out! We worked on the first steps of putting the garden to bed for the winter - the step that I dislike the most - pulling out all the plants. The only thing left standing right now are the mammoth sunflowers drying for the seed for this winter. I love hanging them by the bird feeder and watching the chickadees hang upside down in the snow getting their treats!

So that's it for now. Maybe next post will be some sewing, or some pix of the new studio!


Ms. Jan said...

Well how in the heck did Stephen get to be that big--and so fast. Does time fly, or what?????

Teresa said...

Looks like a wonderful place for a child to grow up. Thanks for sharing the pictures.