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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Fiber Art for a Cause

I got busy last night and got some screenprinting done (my handwriting from a garden journal), painted a little organza, made some shisha mirrors, tissue dyed fabric (unsuccessfully) and played with beads and generally made a nice little mess in my stewdio. I made myself clean up before I played anymore, though.

Then I made the first of five Fabric Postcards for FiberArt for a Cause. I've named this Postcard "Morning's Glory." I added a little shisha mirror for the center of what turned out to look sort of like an orange-ish red morning glory. The painted organza is layered over the top of my screenprinted writing, and then stitched with rayon thread. So zimple, and I rather like it.

The next three Postcards are going to be a series where my my unsuccessful tissue paper dying experiment didn't quite work out right. I didn't care for the results so much, so I used some decoupage gel, adhered the tissue paper to the fabric, and now I am going to embellish them. Don't know with what yet, but the series is called Dream, Create, Inspire. So who knows what tonight will bring?

And the last Postcard will be something made with some "created fabric" where I used tulle netting over loose sulky threads that are shiny and bronze looking. I think a nice shaped heart with something else will be pretty cool.

So that's what I've been up to in the last couple of days - including making parts for Gwennie's retreat!

And update on Mother - the elephant in the room was fed and watered today with the doctor leading the way - at least it has a name, and it's condition is known to all. Considering Mom's prognosis 18 months ago was just 3-6 months, she's gone quite a distance with the current chemotherapy treatments (4-6 weeks apart). Dr told her she could continue on, or stop whenever she wanted. He also reiterated to her that the cancer was not going to get better. AND that the treatments now might even make more of her days be on the "bad side" rather than having the majority of days qualify as good. She doesn't want to give up yet, and she/we decided that she should try getting the chemo treatments for another two times and that way she can evaluate how she feels before and after the treatments. With the rare antibody she developed after a May blood transfusion, she can't have any more blood transfusions, so high dose iron, and oxygen is helping her feel a little less breathless and able to be a lot more active. So much to take in, talk about, and accept. But we're getting there. She was still able to laugh about some stuff when we went to Sonic (bad Sharon, no biscuit) and there weren't any big episodes of tears, so as always, my Mother the optimistic pessimist carries on.


paula, the_quilter said...

Sharon, your postcard is wonderful and the series sounds great. So sorry about your mom. Hang in there and enjoy every day you have with her. /paula

ForestJane said...

I've done tissue paper dye on construction paper, with the little kids at the library, but never with fabric - what do you use to set it?

Tonya R said...

glad you got to have some fun playing. sorry about your Mom.

Ooooh parts for the retreat! Something really fun to look forward to. I'm living vicariously through you!

Screen Door said...

Your Mom...what a lady, she seems like a real fighter. I love your postcards.

Judy said...

Like Tonya, I am going to live vicariously through you for that retreat! I even looked again at plane ticket prices, but for now... I still can't quite go. Next year maybe.

I think the cards are wonderful! Very arty and playful! I hope your Mom doesn't suffer too much with the next few rounds, and you have enough strength to hold her hand and go with her on whatever walk she need to take before she rests. Take care!

sharon b said...

Wonderful cards and inspiration.
Being daughters is never easy .. Is it.. My mom is still in bed this morning 11 am. She is in too much pain to get up she says. It's hard watching them battle and struggle with their diseases. All any of us can to is enjoy the one day today that He has given us to share with our family.
Keep quilting.. You inspire me to keep trying new things. Sharon in Florida

Tracey said...

Sharon, your mom is a real trooper, as are you. You have had to deal with a LOT of care-taking responsibilites in the past few years and I have yet to hear you complain. Hang in there...and remember to take care of YOU as well.

Susan said...

Wonderful postcard, Sharon! I can hardly wait to see the rest.

As for your mom, truly none of us ever knows how much time we have. It is wonderful that you have each other.