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Friday, August 04, 2006

More Fiber Postcards for a Cause

Here are the series of four postcards for FiberArt for a Cause that I've made over the last few nights. This is the sunprinted fabric with tissue paper (with some decopaged papers on it, too) that I experimented with the other night. I've added some beads, sequins, Angelina Fibers, threads and metalwork (scrapbooking stuff); Imagine has fused beads and pieces of a Buddhist prayer flag. The sequined ribbons are laid on top of the tulle netting that I quilted over to keep all the sparkleys inside. In real life, the tulle netting almost disappears. It just shows up here because of the scanning light. I also used Bonash fixative to bond the pieces of thread and Angelina to the fabric. The edges are machine overcast with the same rayon thread I used for the quilting.

For a good explanation of tissue paper dyed fabric, check out Quilting Arts Magazine, Summer 2006 Edition. Click on the magazine cover that shows red and blue buildings on it to select the table of contents. I really like trying at least one "process" thing out of each of these magazines. Sometimes, they work for me, and other times it just doesn't do the same things, or I just don't like the results. But it is fun, and it does keep my brain thinking in the creativity mode!

Of course, these days my brain is mush. No excuse, not even the heat.


Dawn said...

Wow these are way cool, but way too artsy for me to even want to do! So I will just enjoy them on your blog! Wayyy, way, way cool!

Wendy said...

So neat...I better they are even more beautiful in person. Love your work.

Linda_J said...

very nice and very creative. Like we have been to an art show.

The heat does make your brain all mushy and your body want to move a lot, lot slower. Maybe that is nature's way?

ForestJane said...

Nice work!

Thanks for the tissue paper link. :)

Laura said...

These postcards are fabulous works of art!