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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Thank You! (English)

Gracias! Merci! Asanti! Hsieh Hsieh!
Thank you in Spanish, French, Swahili, Chinese

Or so says the packaging on the forbidden Girl Scout cookies my hubby left out to tempt me overnight! I totally ignored them, and only ate up the written words, doncha see?

Yesterday, like the good daughter I am, I took care of Mom's grocery shopping. Well, actually, I made the shopping list and Hubby went shopping while I was at the gym, and then we both drove over to Mom's highrise. After lugging everything upstairs to the fifth floor - yes, they have an elevator - we didn't find Mom. So we put away her things, and fixed her meds for the next couple of weeks. Then we went looking for her. I tell you, she is just so busy at this place!

Surprise! Surprise! She was shopping! Her retirement community's "What Not Shop" was having their bi-annual half price sale and the library was selling their books too!

Here's what I bought for only $15.00! Thus, the many thanks given to Lakeview Village for all my books! I can't bear to think about being without a book to read.

The stack on the right that are standing vertically are books on tape for a quilting friend of mine who listens while she sews. It only distracts me - I find myself sitting and listening to the tape instead of sewing. How child-like, I suppose! I think back to kindergarten days when the first FM radio was brought into the school for Friday story hour, and we all sat on the auditorium floor, Indian style on our sit-upons. I even remember that the story of Jason's Golden Fleece. But I digress. LOL!

And here's what Mom bought for me. She even had it wrapped up in tissue paper!

It's only about 2" high and 3" long, but the wheel turns and makes the needle go up and down. And it's useful, too! It's actually a pencil sharpener!

So it was a nice day, even though no official quilting or sewing was to be had.


cher said...

what a great book buying score and what a sweet gift from your mom!

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

You did good stretching that $15 to buy that many books and some even on tapes or CD's for your friend to listen nice of you. You did better than my husband does.

My husband goes to a used bookstore and pays 25 to 50cents per book, but if they are hard cover sometimes they cost him $1. He reads a book every other day or keeping him in books was pretty expensive until we discovered the used book store...And they even will buy back your old books. Of course you don't get all your money back...but who get enough to buy more books anyway.
We still keep our favorite know the ones you just can't part with...and the garden, sewing & the how-to books.

The pencil sharpener sewing machine was a nice gift from your mom...that was sweet of her.

I didn't realize that the #2 pencil comes in so many sizes (diameter or is it circumference?). I've been having problems finding a pencil sharpener that will sharpen ALL of my pencils. I'll just have to get one of those that has all the different size holes, I guess.

Holly said...

How cute is that little sewing machine pencil sharpener! Books are one of my favorite things, too.