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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Quilts, blocks, babies and cats!

I finally got the baby quilt completed, and it is now sitting patiently waiting to be gifted until my friend can settle down. She's on a high because her new little grand daughter arrived a couple of weeks early - on Valentine's Day, no less. Baby and daugher come home from the hospital today, so I am thinking that by this weekend, this quilt should be at her house!

The anvils were finally completed and put in the mail for the swap. I went to put away the identical ones that I had made (and kept making and making and making), and I discovered that in my haste to finish them, I hadn't finished them at all! I still have four left to piece, and I think they will be finished by tonight.

My small friendship trio have decided that we want to do another exchange of blocks this year, too. So after deciding on a particular pattern, we then re-drafted it to suit ourselves! LOL! It will be houses ala Freddy Moran (sigh-not Tonya), and stars ala Alex Anderson with 6" blocks inside the stars. We are all using the wild and crazy brights. I think I want my backgrounds all black with white and the other two gals want their white with black. Now, I have to decide what my stepping stones in the joining blocks will be - probably red. Anyway, here's the first house I made for myself.

Yesterday, little Stephen joined us for the morning and for lunch. He is growing so fast, it's hard to keep up with him. And when he goes home, I am just tuckered. We have a large tire swing that was made into a horse - don't ask me how they do that, but it's pretty nifty. The last few times he was here, I held him on it, and he just loved it. His mother says he throws a tantrum at the playground when they have to take him out of the swing, so we know he loves it. When mom came to get him yesterday, she made the mistake of showing us the new swing she brought for us to hang in the tree for him - he just had to get in it. So instead of a tree, my hubby and daughter got to use their muscles. And yep, he threw a big tantrum when we took him out!

And last, every time I get up to answer the phone, or get a snack, or check the computer, this is what I come back to. Can this really be comfortable?


Laurie Ann said...

I think the shorhaired one looks a little miffed. Like the other one is hogging the bed!!

Laura said...

Great post, Stephen is adorable, the house block is really cute, love the little girl in the window, and the kitties are so sweet.

Dawn said...

Oh that is too funny! I love him in his swing! And what a great house block!

JudyL said...

What a cute little boy in his swing! I can't imagine keeping up with one that age.

Thos cats . . doesn't look very comfy to me. I surely wouldn't want to be the one hanging off the edge!

Judy L.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Your chair looks like mine...everytime I get up, it's taken over by my cats...And sometimes, they try to take it over while I'm still sitting in it.

My step-daughter was born on Valentine's Day also, and I always thought...what a PERFECT gift to give your husband on Valentine's Day.

Little Stephen is adorable too. We have an 18month old great grandson who keeps us on our toes...he loves to push buttons and my computer seems to be his favorite target, along with chasing the cats.

Thanks for stopping at my site and leaving the nice comment...I live for comments.

I didn't realize just how many quilting sites there are and I have enjoyed looking at your quilts, they are so beautiful....You are very talented.

Joanne said...

LOL -- The cats don't care if they're comfortable -- just as long as you can't sit back down! Your grandson is adorable -- he knows a good thing when he sits in it! WTG on the anvils, too!