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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Anvils and dollbabies

I finally have all the anvils completed to send out for the swap.

I am so talented! I can really make the fabric pay for itself with all the different ways I can sew it! If there is a half square unit, I can sew it 6 different ways, including wrong sides together, and each corner going the wrong way. Each unit incrementally increases the number of times I can sew it together wrong. And if I have sewn it together all the different ways, I can even sew it exactly the same way wrong again!

To make matters worse, for each of the anvils I am sending in for the swap, I decided to make one more for myself. So I've officially made 30 of them, but if you count the number of times I have sewn them together numerous ways, I probably have made about 120!!

On a bright note, my small stitch group, The Amazing Quilt Babes arrived early Saturday morning, each with their own doll baby. One member is busy getting her daughter's wedding party's dresses ready, so she made the sashings, and the hearts. She also helped put it together. So now, we have the top done!

I am very proud of myself. I didn't volunteer to do the quilting, nor make the label nor do the binding. Aren't I a good girl?


JudyL said...

You are a good girl! I'm with you though . . I amaze myself at how many times I can mess up a block. I sometimes make one and stick it right in front of my nose so I can see exactly how to make it correctly, and I still mess it up!

Judy L.

cher said...

oh, such restraint! glad you are finally done with those anvil blocks! some blocks have had the same effect on me!

Tonya R said...

your anvils are gorgeous - hope the ones you get in the mail are as wonderful. You'll love the quilt when it's all together cuz it's actually a great block. Just boring to make.

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Last week I finished the last anvil block for a quilt that I just posted a picture of. Yep...swap blocks too. I needed to make three extras to finish my top and it has taken me since last summer. Now the top is all done. Yeah!

Happy Valley Quilter said...

BTW, Cute little doll blocks. Did you make one for each of you or are you going to fight over who gets the quilt? lol!

Finn said...

the doll babies are adorable, and I'm so proud of you for keeping your hands in your pockets and not volunteering..good girl!

About the Anvils..they look wonderful, and yes, isn't it amazing how many times we can do exactly the same thing wrong??? Over and over and!!

Patti said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog from beginning to end very much. I love seeing all the diverse quilty things you do - from art to traditional to baby quilts. Loved the pictures of your yard, and cracked up at the comment about your "practice husband". Looking forward to seeing more of your work, including a finished "wabi sabi".

Dawn said...

Oh I love the quilt babes! Very cute! And your anvils look great - sorry you had to sew and unsew so many! oops! We all have those days/times don't we!

Darcie said...

Your Anvils look splendid, Sharon. Glad you made some for yourself! And good heavens, how I can relate to your woes! We all can, I'm almost certain!

But I have started living by a quote...can't remember who to give credit to: I don't make mistakes, only opportunities.

Love your little dolls. Bet you Babes had a lot of fun ribbing your friend Carolyn once the bleeding stopped.