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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hooray for Saturday!
I took today just for me! I walked the dog a couple of times with my friend (which I still consider time for me), but that was all! Hubby was sweet and made our lunch and a delicious dinner. It was a nice quiet day with me at the sewing machine, and he reading the last of his book.
Why did I want this time today? Well, I worked 53 hours and drove 886 miles in 6 days! For those of you who don't know, I merchandise flowers at three different SuperTarget stores. I love my part time job, except at the end of these big holidays. I am just soooo tired! Out of 6,000 bouquets and vased products, there were only about 2 dozen (total) left at all three of my stores the next morning. I would say it was a successful event! 

I've heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. Following are my two thousand words about what I sewed today:
Under the needle
The finished project
This was fun, but if you plan on using your selvages in this manner, make sure you load a LOT of bobbins before you begin.  I used 8 bobbins total....but since it was old thread that I don't like to use for my quilting, I am a happy camper to upcycle all this trash treasure!  I still have some selvage left and I have a plan.  Watch out! I'll be bob-bob-bobbin along over the next few days, getting ready for the next project!


AuntieAllyn said...

LOVE this! What a great use for those selvage edges!

Pat said...

What a cool way to use those selvedges!

swooze said...

Love your chair. I have used selvedges because I'm not sure how big I'm supposed to cut them. I guess a 1/4" off the selvedge.

Quiltgranny said...

Swooze - I started out saving the seveges with the least amount of color on them first. It takes some patience to get them all aligned on a piece of fabric that has fusible on it, and then stitch the heck out of it. Now, I am saving selvege with about 1/2 of color showing - it looks prettier too!

Teresa said...

Love the chair and perfect for your sewing area. I read trough a good many of your posts this morning, for some reason you had not been showing up on my lists so I was way behind. Your pineapple quilt is inspiring me to give it a try. Are you paperpiecing the blocks?