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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Fun, fun!

After I read the book in my last post, I have been itching to paint, fuse and play in my strewdio. I let all the ideas in my head simmer, and I finally decided I would play with some of the ideas that the book led me to.

All of this involved some paint, some fusible web, some sample stretch velvet scraps, some chiffon pieces and other various and sundry scraps gifted me a couple of weeks ago. Sue W, do any of these look familiar? LOL! I TOLD you I would pass them on to someone find a use for them, didn't I?
Painted fusible web, fused velvets and chiffons
At any rate, if this turns out the way I think it might, there will be more fusing, more painting, and more thread play in the next few weeks,  

I wanted to take the time to play now when I had a few hours, since my next week will be jam packed full with flowers to merchandise at three different stores. I might not be in this space on Sunday, so I thought I would post now, in keeping with my new resolve to post at least once a week again!

Check back for the next steps!

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