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Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday, Sunday (Part 1)

So it's Sunday again. Now, I did intend to get a post out every Sunday since the last one, but I guess I didn't say WHICH Sunday, right? LOL! Life has certainly been busy, and the weather has been beautiful every day since I last posted, while I was gone to Michigan AND every day since I've been back. It's sort of difficult to get to the computer instead of being outside on the porch or walking the trails in the neighborhood.

My trip to Michigan was absolutely wonderful.  It was so clear as we arrived; this is the first time I could get a good picture from the air.
This is the approach to Traverse City Airport
Grand Traverse Bay
I got to spend time again with my California friend, Wendy, and as usual, she was a delight. It's a good thing her car was upgraded to a Jeep, because between me, Carol, and Wendy, it was packed to the gills!
Wendy and Carol
Each morning and afternoon, she would blow these BIG beautiful bubbles across the lake. It was so peaceful and could you not smile?
Morning bubbles

Afternoon bubbles
Dedicated bubble maker
We swam most afternoons, and yes the water was cold, but that only slowed us down!
We also had others join us in the water, too!
Carol and I in the water.

This is the view in the morning on the way to our work room, which is actually the dining hall at White Birch Lodge in Elk Rapids, MI.

The sun was just barely up.
This is the view from our condo, and where I sat each afternoon while Wendy made bubbles.
Elk Lake
 Look at that sky!  I never tired of seeing this view, and the bubbles...oh the bubbles!
This photo is not enhanced.
Blogger doesn't seem to want to cooperate with me any more tonight.  Next installment will be Part 2, the places we went, and the things we made at the workshop.  Enjoy!


QuiltingFitzy said...

Ack...the views are making me MI homesick!

Can't wait for the second installment.

Margaret Powers said...

And here I thought I was behind in blogging. Love your pictures of our very own bubblehead!

Kathie said...

thinking of you lately and hope all is well...
Merry Christmas...
miss your posts