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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Cambria Friends : Loris

While in Cambria, we always meet new friends. One day, a doggie walker came by and noticed Wendy's D4D bumper sticker on the car. One conversation led to the next, and we found out that Loris is also a quilter. How cool is that?

Lori and Gayle from the Quilter's Cupboard in Atascadero.
So Loris came to the house for dinner with our other new friends from the Atascadero shop. We got show and tell galore! Thanks Loris for all the inspirations!

Isn't this just a way cool simple but complex looking setting?

The mini-quilt

Close up of the tree in the mini-quilt

This is my favorite of the them all. I think I JUST have to make this quilt!!


Twinkle using Kaffe Fassett fabrics
I have one more posting to make about the Cambria retreat along with a few more quilt photos. We also made other friends through Sherri's Aunt Betty. Those quilts and friends will be next!

Stay stitching!


Loris said...

Well, what a hoot! Seeing me and my quilts here :-) Thank you for your kind words. That was such a fun evening and dinner (!) with all of you. I'm so glad I happened upon you all as you were out in front of the house. And thanks to Wendy for the interesting license plate holder! Amazing how new friends are found :-) The dogs are sending out a Woof! to you :-)

Wendy said...

Love the photos. They bring back our wonderful week, which went by way too fast. Quilters are the best folks in the world!!