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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another Birthday AND Guild news

No, the birthday isn't mine! This is another Amazing Quilt Babes birthday event. As you might remember, my stitch group celebrates our birthdays by sharing a full stitch day sewing together. BUT! We sew whatever the birthday girl wants us to, just for her. She comes prepared with the quilt already cut out, kitted up and instructions ready to sew. She also brings the dessert that will go with our sack lunch. How great is that? Well, today it was Shirlee's designated day.

She chose to make the Ohio star block and used 6.5" blocks she already had on hand from a friendship exchange for the centers. Didn't they turn out beautiful?
Here are the blocks on the design wall.

We sew in my dining room, now, instead of my stewdio like at my other house. It's a rainy day outside, and the flash focused on the window instead of the room. My walls are really red, not brown, and we really had more light when we were sewing, too! You can see the "kits" in the center of the table.

On another note, my quilt guild is putting together a cookbook which we are going to sell at our quilt show in November. They should be ready in September at the latest, and it looks like one of the better cookbooks I've seen. If anyone is interested in having one or more, just zip me an email, and I'll put you on the list. They will make great Christmas presents! I'm chair of the project, and I feel compelled to make every one of them I proof. The recipes all look so good, and I'm certain I've gained ten pounds! LOL!

I made the Monkey Buns for the grand kids, and they were a HUGE hit!
The bread rolls need to be thawed for the Monkey Buns.

Of course, you need a kitchen assistant.
(Just in case something drops onto the floor!)

I also made a double batch of the Mostaccioli, thinking I would have some leftovers. Wrong, wrong, wrong. It was completely cleaned up! Making marinara sauce for the Mostaccioli sure made the house smell delicious!

So that's it for today. I am meeting up with the Babes for yet another quilt show. This time it's in Lawrence KS. Stay tuned for a virtual quilt show later! In the meantime, keep stitching and cooking!


Debbie said...

That's such a great idea, Shirlee. (Tell Shirlee, Sharon. And, Happy birthday.) It looks great up on the wall and brings the different blocks together so well. The colors look so good, too. I have so many six inch blocks collected over the years. I'm going to save this idea for them.

powersthatbeequilting said...

Will you make Monkey Bread for me when I visit??? I'm counting the days! Can't wait to meet Mayo. Hugs.

Sharon said...

But of course, Margaret! Monkey Buns it is, and maybe this is a Cambria treat, too. You can make the call after you have one or more! What day is your flight in/out?

Wendy said...

Love those blocks! Looking forward to that cookbook. Hey, are you cooking in the kitchen in BARE feet? Can we talk? LOL.