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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Quilt Show!!!

My local guild, the Lee's Summit Quilter's Guild, had their show this past weekend. I worked 14 hours of it, and I am one tired puppy. I can't imagine how many hours and how tired the committee people must be! They did a marvelous job!

It was a lovely show, but I just couldn't get pictures of all of them. The ones I am showing are no lovelier than any others; I could just get the best angle for the pictures. Most of them have something about them that I want to remember - either the quilting, or the color, or a certain shape....

I will post more tomorrow - just about as many. We had about 175 quilts total, as well as vendors. What made me smile was the two ladies who came both days because there was too much to see! We even had a male boy scout who had come to the church for a meeting, and wanted to see the quilts too, when he discovered the show was in the next room!

I will state up front that my notes are a mess, and it's difficult to read everyone's names, and what ribbons they won. Everyone deserves the recognition and I will work on that, but I definitely wanted to get the quilts out here for you to see!

I didn't win any first place ribbons - the competition was tough! I entered five quilts, and I won:

Here are some of the quilts!!!
Klonda Holt - First Place Art Quilt (the label was a cute machine embroidered zebra)

Her grandson Ethan had asked for a triangle quilt.

The pieces of this quilt was from her grandmother's and mother's scrap bags.

Hubby's story quilt called Garden Gremlins. It won second place in Mixed Techniques

Interesting use of pre-printed panels, and great quilting in the negative spaces.

Jane Kennedy's Moonlight and Maples won third in the pieced category

My Amitie Fleurs (Friendship Flowers) took second place in Hand Applique

First Place applique, Art Nouveau flowers, Jan Lally

Klonda Holt's Poco Loco -First place machine quilting (Beth Kurzava), Viewer's Choice Best of Show, I think it has another ribbon too. Will check on this.

This stained glass quilt was hanging just perfectly so the sun was hitting it. It looked so REAL!! First place in Machine applique

Topsy Turvey Nine Patch from a class taught by Judy Laquidara. There will be more variations on this later on.

Fun colors

Pink version of our Opportunity Quilt - Primitive Garden

Postage stamp squares and an interesting pillow roll.

I love these sharp angles.

More tomorrow........................


Debbie said...

Thanks for the quilt show, Sharon! I see what you mean about competition. Some very nice quilts there. Congratulations on your winning ribbons! The ribbons themselves are so cool.

Wendy said...

Wow--lots of talent in that guild. Enjoyed seeing the first set of pix.

Becky said...

Thank you for sharing. I had every intention to make it over to the show and just never got there. Now after seeing all the BEAUTIFUL quilts, I'm sort of bummed.

Helen said...

I love these ribbons, they are so cool. Did someone in your guild make them. Can we use your idea for our quilt show, please??

You didn't win a competition but you got best hand quilting? Well done, 4 ribbons out of 5 entries is fantastic.