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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Surfacing Again!

We're home from the Mayo Clinic and as Hubby says, he's got an extended warranty now on his transplants. It's such a long drive there, but the city is so welcoming and easy to get around in, and of course, the Mayo Clinic staff are just wonderful - ALL OF THEM! It doesn't hurt that there is fabulous fabric shopping to be had in the surrounds, either, is it?

We've been busy since we've returned, training Mayo, the puppy. She is a pretty smart little dog - or at least smarter than any other puppy I've ever had. She now know her name, can sit , come, potty and "watch me" on command. We're working on leash walking now, and sitting before going out or entering the door. She is such a little love bomb pup, too, and she just melts our hearts!

Here she is sleeping on the console of the car on the trip home with her lambchop toy:

I would say she has settled in quite nicely at her new home, wouldn't you?

If you remember, I attended a meeting of the Minnesota Quilt Guild when I was in the city, and here are a few of the vintage quilts that were shown.

I thought this border for a Dresden Plate was different, and I like it!

This Butterfly quilt has a nice border that I like, too!
This one is called Baby Bunting, but they don't know why. It's difficult to understand why, with all the points, isn't it?
Many Trips around the World reminds me of Bonnie Hunter.
I can't remember what the name of this pattern is, but isn't it just spectacular?

So today, I am working on the French Roses again. Since I didn't have all the blocks completed, I am making nine more blocks, then the borders and the backing. Hopefully, it will be able to go to the quilter tomorrow!


Annie Jones said...

I think all of your posts from now on should come with a side of Mayo!

quiltmom said...

I am glad to hear your husband is doing well- Very cute puppy Mayo- what a great name.He is such a gorgeous color- Will he grow a lot larger?
As always the quilts are spectacular.. Love the butterfly quilt especially
Warmest regards,

The Calico Cat said...

I too love that Dresden plate border!

YankeeQuilter said...

Mayo is adorable! Thanks for the antique quilt photos. I think Kaffe F. used a Dresden plate border like that in one of his I have to go digging and find it...

Lynn Dykstra said...

Beautiful selection--a talented guild!

Quiltbirdie said...

I love the butterfly quilt. I just posted about a very similar one!