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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another dreary Sunday-but QUILTS!

It's Spring time in the Midwest so that means rain, rain, rain and scattered periods of light breezes, high winds and tornadoes. Yes, we've had our first touch down of the year, and it wasn't three points, either! Even though the worst of it was about 50 miles away to the west, I had just been in that area earlier in the day. And even though, the touch down was only for about 2 minutes, it took out a house, several barns and lots of trees. No injuries from the tornado, though. Sadly, in another part of the area, a fellow who was struck by lightening while riding his motorcycle near a lake, though. I guess I am just tired of the gloomy skies and the high humidity.

We've had a great start on the garden and the yard, but now we are bogged down again with the weather. We planted 24 trees, 5 large shrubs, and 9 (8') fence posts for the garden fencing. We have another 7 to go, but who knows when it will be dry enough, and we have enough energy left to get those in the ground? The spinach and lettuce is coming up nicely, and the peas finally got in the ground yesterday, too. Late, but they will still be good.

I went to a small quilt show yesterday, and truly enjoyed my time with the girlfriends. I didn't buy any fabric, but there were a couple of new vendors, and I found some nice treats for my sewing room, and elsewhere.

Here are a few of the quilts I found interesting.

This series reminded me of a butterfly metamorphosis

This was inspired by slices of geodes

This was a local BOM of red applique, beautifully executed

My favorite-inspired by tiles - All APPLIQUED!

Unfinished fan block appliqued with with bias onto whole fabric
So, after fighting with Google for a couple of hours yesterday, I am finishing up this post. It's a wet, dreary day again today, but I have plans for sewing, sewing, sewing! I have the French roses ready to join. By the end of the day, it should be coming up roses! LOL!


Yolanda said...

I love these quilts . I like the metamorphis one with the flowers a lot. I thought I would drop by and comment since I see from good reads you have a blog. It is me Yolanda.Stay safe from all those storms and I think there are more predicted this week.

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing all the pretty pictures. That is so scary about the tornado. Mother Nature can be terrifying as well as beautiful. I know you had to hate giving away your bonsai quilt - all that tender care put into the construction.

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed the mini quilt show. Those appliqued tiles are awesome. Rain, rain, go away (and come to California!!).

Shasta said...

These are beautiful quilts. Thank you for sharing.

Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for all the eye candy - but my favorite is Geodes! Amazing -