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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Time for a change of pace

I've finished the beading on the Bonsai finally, but I won't post it until next week. It took me a while to decide that it was actually finished - no more beading, no more embellishments and what kind of edge finishing I would do for it. The client gets to see it Thursday, and I want her to get the full scope of it in person, rather than on the blog. I will show it at Guild tomorrow though.

Today, I spent quite a bit of time unpacking and organizing my stash, tools and supplies. At our other big house (2.5 times as large as this one), I had a lot more space, with cabinets build in for my stash. Now, I am not complaining - no siree! Hubby was so sweet and built some shelving for me, and is just about finished with it. Here's a few pictures of what it looks like.

The picture below will be my fabric work counter. This is where I will pull fabrics for a project, then put the tubs away. Of course, I still have more fabric to put away; I just tucked the extra stuff under the counter to make some room!

This is the "L" side of the area from the picture above. A lighting fixture will be added in this area, too.
This is my wet area to play. The sink and counter tops were recycled from the kitchen upstairs, because I wanted Corian counters with an embedded sink. So, now, I have a place to dye and paint and silkscreen without worrying about the mess inside the house. I plan on putting curtains in front of the open shelving later.

To the right of the "cubby" area of the first two pictures, is this unit. It goes all the way to the ceiling, and I will be able to store batting on the very top most shelf. I sort of rushed it by putting the tubs onto the shelves before he had the bracing on. I don't think he knew just how heavy fabric can be!
And of course, what would be a post without a picture of my helper? Here's Clyde making sure that the latest quilt I put on the guest bed for my BIL's visit is just right!


floribunda said...

wait a second... is that orange cat actually a pillow? I had to enlarge the photo and take a second look, but I'm still not too sure! In any case, "both" cats are pretty cute.

Debbie said...

K did a great job with the shelving. Fits in well with the space. Are you sure it's enough, hehehe.

The Calico Cat said...

Oh no he didn't... (Arms over the edge, looking tooo darn cute!)

Are you going to add hooks to the holey board for ruler storage? (I saw that once...)

You've got some great storage ideas... (I've got a great mess!)

Teresa said...

Oh how wonderful to have a place of your own like that. Love all the storage and work area.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Wow, how nice is that sewing counter and the sink! Baby I love it!

Sweet P said...

You have a nice work space. I like the idea of a wet bar. It's the first time I've seen a studio with a sink in it.

disa said...