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Sunday, July 20, 2008

I'm really still here!

We are slowly, but surely, getting things moved from one house to the other. It is so different this time around, easier in some ways, but tiring all the same.

Because we want to leave as much furniture here as possible to show this house, we are basically moving all the non-essentials first. That means the cupboards are empty, but the open shelves are normal. Some rooms, have larger pieces of furniture, while we take the smaller things like some tables and some chairs, and leaving others.

We've had a couple of really good showings, too! The most recent is a family who is in love with the house, and really want it. Yesterday they spent a long time here (while we were moving books to the new house) with 10 of their family members and our realtor. They want to make an offer, but they have to wait until they get an appraisal on their home. We're not sure about taking a contingency at this point, and they know that, so I'll be interested to see what comes in.

At any rate, I am getting a little sewing done every time we go to the new house. Pictures in the next post. And I promise! I WILL TRY TO POST MORE OFTEN!

In the meantime, here are a few more pictures from the Minnesota show. I like the combination of this border treatment a lot!
A cat quilt for Amy (who needs some patience and a round tuit)!
There's hidden kitties in the other blocks, too!
And I took a picture of this one to remind me that this would be a good way to use some of my Asian fabrics, without having to cut into them so much. I think it's a Maple Island pattern that is somewhere in my stash!


cher said...

yes that is BQ by Maple Island-I have the pattern for the same reason-though I am working on a new Koi quilt by just framing the focus fabric for now. no photos up yet - I hope you get a great offer on the house! and glad you are able to sew at the new place-yes, your life is super busy now.

Claudia said...

The cat quilt is wonderful! Good luck and patience for the moving.

Karen said...

Love the cat quilt, and good thought about how valuable our stashes are these days. What fun to be moving into a new house, and to have such strong interest in the one you have on the market.

katrien said...

For the first time on your blog and i see such a lovely things here.I like your catquilt,but also the other quilts,to much for give now on all a reaction.

swooze said...

Thanks for sharing the quilts. I hope you get a sale soon. Can't wait to see more pics of the new place, expecially the sewing room!

Crystal said...

All the quilts are wonderful. The cat quilt really caught my eye. I was wondering where you got the pattern for the applique cats. If you could let me know that would be great.