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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunny Quilting Days Ahead!

First, I keep forgetting to mention that my buddy Karrin nominated me for a You Make My Day award, which is really sweet. I know I have many readers from all over the world who don't leave comments ( and I wish you would at least say hi!), so this makes MY day, Karrin! In keeping with the "rules of the game", I am supposed to nominate 10 other blogs and let them know. This is so very difficult to do. I think, instead I will just refer you to my blogroll to the right, and especially point out Fragments from Floyd, Crazy Aunt Purl and a new one that I haven't added yet: sharonb's A Minute Ago (More on this in a later entry this week).

This blog entry is going to be like a steady stream of consciousness. A little of this, a little of that, and who knows what else?

We've been home almost a week now, and I think I am finally back into the "you're not on vacation anymore" mode. The first clue was the change in the weather - from 80 degrees to one degree catches your attention, for sure! I've gotten most of the un-Christmasing done, but now I have to wait on Hubby to re-arrange the shelving in the storage room before I can say it is completely done! I ran into Jo-Ann's last night to pick up some needles and I found some really good Christmas deals at 70% off so they came home with me and now they are in the pile to be put away too.

Yesterday was supposed to be a birthday stitch day with my Amazing Quilt Babes group, but the birthday girl ended up in the ER. So, instead we were all called at 7AM, and told to bring whatever we wanted to work on. I got three bindings put on: Cherry Limeade, Marston Baskets, and Bound to the Prairies. I also managed to get the inner border put on the black/bright houses and stars. This is Shirlee's completed flimsie - she's worked on it for at least a year, I think, and we all just love it!

I started in earnest back to the gym with my trainer. My goal to be healthier this year is to lose 20 lbs by May 1. What that actually translates to is 1400 calories a day, 12,000 steps a day, and one and a half hours of "activity". Since last Thursday, I've been right at or over target on the steps, and under target on the calories. Fridays will be weigh in days, and I am looking for at least a pound and a half each week. In addition to the gym, today I went to our local Jazzercise center and joined up - wore myself out with a class! I still have 6,000 steps to go, so it will be on the treadmill here at home.

I'm working on a couple of round robins (one for my Cambria retreat) and the on-line small Mae Britt style. I sure wish I could show you! I am truly enjoying the experience.

And last! I also signed up for a class. More on that and Sharonb's information in the next post!


Janet said...

Hi Sharon-
Caught me lurkin' so I'll say "HI"!
Enjoy your blog and your quilts. I browse around several sites on the web for inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

Janet(I'm a Kansas girl too and grew up in North Central Kansas with several relatives in your area.)

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see a picture of your Cherry Limeade. I am really, really loving that one! Nancy in WI

QuiltingFitzy said...

You can easily do the weight loss with that caloric intake. I've been sticking to 1300 without the activity since Christmas and have lost 15.

Good luck!!

Carol E. said...

Hi. You sent me a Buddy invitation ... was it at paperback swap? I thought I responded, but am not sure if I did the right thing to get us on eachother's list. Sometimes I'm a dork about those simple things. If I messed it up, I'll try again.