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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More time spent in Anguilla

The vacation time apparently is working. I have no idea what day it is or what time of the day it is. Is the sun shining? Is it time to eat? Is it time to sleep? These are the only concerns I have on my mind. Ahhhhhhh, the sheer bliss of it all!

We've spent time walking on the beach/es, and eating lunch at a couple of our favorite places in the last few days. Wonderful dinners, too, and time spent together laughing.

I finished A Place Called Wiregrass (Morris), and Sea Glass (Shreve) since the last posting. Sea Glass sat forgotten on the back end of my bookshelf at home so I brought it as a long overdue pleasure read. Anita Shreve always seems to weave her stories slowly and nicely bringing it all to a crescendo near the end, then smoothing out your brow for the final paragraph or two. She did this here, too. Not necessarily a literary prize winner, but a nice story to read nevertheless. I' m going to start one of my brother-in-laws books today so I can save my other books for after he leaves. I usually don't read Stephen Frey (my hubby does), so let's hope the Fourth Order holds my attention like some of the other books I've read this past week.

As promised, here's a quilt story for you. For the last several years of coming to the island, we've sought out local art galleries and we always try to support them in some small way or another. Our "souvenirs" if you will, are paintings by local artists and handmade note cards, and Christmas ornaments. Imagine my surprise when we found this artist selling quilts for $350 and more on the island. They are all wall hanging size, and come with a description of materials used and where the pattern is found. Last year, a couple in a restaurant was bubbling over with a "find" of theirs, showing a ripply Ricky Tims convergence style quilt. This particular quilt is hanging in our bedroom with the full sun shining on it all day long. I would imagine it's longevity will be somewhat limited, eh?

Brother-in-law went shopping yesterday for T-shirts (what else do Americans take home?)and this was his find of the day. Too funny not to share with you! The yellow warning is a sticker added to the T-shirt...we are wondering if it is an intended joke or an actual warning! LOL!

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Dawn said...

Oh your vac sounds wonderful! Certainly something I could go for right now!