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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm Still Here!

My new car tag arrived, so I am now one "sweet granny!" LOL! I am still wondering where all the time has gone! I suffered from the same problem in my last entry, and I hope it will get better as time goes by!

I've been working Saturdays at the Needle Nest, and I also made them a blog spot, along with a monthly newsletter blog. I think this will work well for them, since their webmaster was so slow in getting things done for them. This is their anniversary sale week, and I expect Saturday to be a busy, busy, busy day!

My little basket quilt is next on board for finishing, as well as a Round Robin (that I can't show here) that is due to be finished at the end of the month, if not before. I managed to get the flip circles bordered AND quilted, but no picture. I'll try to add that soon.

Just so I can show you more great quilt pictures, here are some of the Amazing Quilt Babes at our last stitch Saturday. First is Ibby with her new quilt top completed in her new bedroom colors. She always chooses the most mellow colors. I love this one!

Next is Vicky and her soon-to-be grandson's quilt. I guess you know what the baby's name is, huh? I love this one, too!

And this last one is our group in front of Vicky's birthday quilt that we helped put together. Since no one was here to take the picture, I am the photographer and not in the picture! The Dresden plates were the ones shared from Ibby's birthday quilt that we all took home and made tops from, too. I think almost everyone is done, now - except Ibby's! LOL!

This Thursday night, we all have a date to exchange our summer gifts to each other. The rules were that we were to make something, and it shouldn't take more than 5 hours. We'll put them in a pile and draw a number for which one we get to choose - they will be wrapped so it won't be so easy. I'll show what I made and then what I received on Friday. The hardest thing about this? Our meeting is going to be the private room at Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Parlour!


Kathie said...

Love Ibby's new the way it just blends together.
the baby quilt is did she do those letters?
Dresden plate quilts are wonderful ...would love to own one of those quilts someday!
I just love your license plate and the holder, very appropriate for that car and YOU!!!!

Dawn said...

I just always love seeing what the quilting babes do! What fun you girls have! And I love your new license plate - pretty cool! Can't wait to see what you get at the summer exchange! And what a great idea on the quilt shop blog! That was such a good idea!

B.C. said...

Thank you for sharing the quilt photos. You're an inspiration. Blessings to you from Texas.

Anonymous said...

I love Vicky's quilt for her grandson. What is the name of the pattern she used? Can anyone help with this. Thank you!!