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Saturday, September 23, 2006

So....on to Michigan!

I really don't have the time today to post the full week long trip to Gwennie's retreat up in Michigan, but here's a couple of teasers for you. Everyone's been asking, so I thought I could post just a wittle bit.

My friend Carolyn and I flew into Traverse City, Michigan on the Sunday prior to everyone else arriving on Tuesday. It is a nice short flight from KC: one hour to Chicago with a short layover, then another hour into Traverse City. We rented a car and drove north to Elk Rapids, which was only about 20-30 minutes away.

It was really nice to be there early! We were able to get all settled in our room, go to the grocery store for our "two meals" a day at the retreat purchases, and basically get the lay of the land. What is so funny, is that most of the roads aren't marked. I guess if you are from there, you'd better know where you are, but of course, maybe it really doesn't matter!

Everyone started arriving on Tuesday afternoon and by evening time there were about 31 or 32 gals there. We had a get together, introduced ourselves and had a fabulous show and tell session. I think it lasted until close to 10 PM.

Quiltgranny and Gwennie at White Birch Lodge, Elk Rapids, MI

This is one of two felted handbags I purchased at a little (and I mean little!) shop in Elk Rapids. Bonnie and Clyde had to check to make sure there wasn't another cat in it when it came into their territory.

The owner of the shop called Now and Then (a fabric store plus an antique shop) had a special sale for all of Gwennie's campers - $5.00 per yard of ANY fabric she had in the store. I did pretty good, and only bought red fabric since that's what I was short in my supplies. BUT, as I wandered around the store waiting for my friend to have her fabric cut, I found that all of her knitted bag samples were for sale! OH! MY! GOSH! Since I could only knit and purl, and I couldn't figure out how to make loops for handles, my one and only knitted project still awaits me in a bin downstairs. Every time I look at it, this reminds me that I should stick with what I know and love - and that's NOT knitting! So when I was able to buy this finished purple "poufy" bag for about what the wholesale cost of the yarn would have been, I pounced. I'll show you the larger green fur trimmed one later in the week.

Of course, Clyde voiced his opinion about my suitcase when I got home, and then immediately climbed into it after helping me unload my class supplies. Maybe this is his way of telling me that I won't go anywhere without him next time!

These are my parts and one of MANY ways I played with them, but I'll tell you more about that the meantime, watch this space over the next few days/weeks for more on the retreat! Which BTW, is now my favorite place to go!


Hedgehog said...

Ooh - love all those parts! Can't wait to hear more. I dream of going on a retreat someday - for now I'll have to settle for blogging with folks all over the world!

Evelyn aka Starfishy said...

How fun! I am looking forward to more tales/photos of your adventure!



cher said...

oh, fabulous parts and pieces...looking forward to seeing and hearing more!

Tonya R said...

The parts look great. There's a particular bit on the right side with a strong red background and diamonds on top that really catches my eye. marvelous!

joyce said...

The parts look fabulous. How will you ever decide how to put them together? I am sure it will be amazing however you do it.

Dawn said...

Oh so you did have a wonderful time! And the area seems so peaceful! I can't wait to hear and see more! I LOVE the picture of you and Gwen! And what a deal getting there early so you could by the purple bag before anyone else saw it! I love your parts so far! Remember - Parts is Parts!

Judy said...

Oh thanks for posting that teaser! I've been so anxious to hear about the trip! I am going next year for sure. Already started saving for the trip! What machine did you take with you? I love all the parts and those zig zag borders are so fun...I just used them too! Love, love, love, the parts!!

disa said...