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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Raffle Quilt (Number one) news!

Caritas Bowties with Nancy Graves,
Development Director,
Caritas Clinics, Inc.,
Duchesne Clinic and
Saint Vincent Clinic

I was back from Colorado and New Mexico for one day, then I was off to Michigan for a week, then back one day, and then a day long workshop in Lawrence, KS on Tuesday. Yesterday was "Mother" day, and today was supposed to be MY day. But instead, I had a delightful time shopping with dear son for new appliances for his new duplex. He and the girls moved into their new home while I was gone, and we had a nice visit Wednesday night when the girls stayed overnight.

I thought I would take a minute and share the good news about the raffle quilt for Duschene Clinics.

Even though they didn't have a lot of time for exposure for this quilt, it raised $778.00! I am pretty pleased with the amount, even though I was hoping for more (don't we always?) One of our many local quilt quilts was having a small quilt show at the same place as the quit, along with the annual Caritas Pancake Breakfast. What luck, eh?

So, tomorrow, I should have a clear mind after some much needed rest, and start the trip saga - starting with the Colorado/New Mexico trip. Watch out for the fabric diet crash! Yes, there will be pictures of newly purchased fabrics!


Anonymous said...

The quilt is beautiful and I am happy it raised that much money in a short period of time.
Can't wait to hear all about your retreat...
I hope some day I can meet and take a workshop with Gwen Marston too.
Must have been fun and yet so exciting too to see her quilt collection and just be around her!
Kathie in NJ

Ms. Jan said...

I love the bowtie quilt, Sharon. Are you going to post some pictures of your workshop wares?

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

The quilt is gorgeous. $778 is terrific! Eager to see all photos. And it is about TIME you stayed home and blogged, GF!

Dawn said...

Just knowing all the trips and stuff you did makes me tired thinking about it! Although it does sound like fun!