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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Warning - gobins ahead!

This wonderful piece of 1998 Alexander Henry fabric is from Shirlee's stash (an Amazing Quilt Babe), and she brought it to stitch group this past week so I could use it on the back of my 2006 birthday quilt.

Isn't just wonderful?

Friday, I was getting things ready for our Saturday birthday stitch day, when my dd came by and asked if Stephen could stay a while so she could get her hair cut. So of course, I invited him into the stewdio, and what did he spy? First he had to point to all the children on the little piece of fabric that he pulled out of the box, then he played and played and played with the bigger piece.

He never did take a nap while he was here, just rested a while on the cat/pumpkin fabric and gave it lots of wet kisses, too! Poor baby - doesn't have an I Spy quilt, so he made one for himself!

Today was our stitch day, and we started about 9:30. I just love these days with my friends! Each of us made one more pumpkin for the pumpkin patch, and then had it sewn together by lunchtime with the sashings and cornerstones. What a team! Then we played around with inner border fabric for a while. I went downstairs to the master stash, and while I was there, Shirlee found the perfect piece in the stewdio's "simple" stash. It's black with a little white soft dot pattern with gold crescent moons on it. Just enough to set off the borders from the pumpkins, I think!

Then we made letters. Each of us drew a letter from the basket, and then made whatever letter was drawn. It was interesting to see how everyone in our group approaches the same task differently. There were a lot of laughs and the letters were made very quickly! We completed everything while they were here, had lunch, shared stories and friendship, a lot of laughs, and everyone was walking out of the door by about 2:30 PM.

After they left, I finished making the letters into blocks, but most of the work was already done! I've been playing with the letters for "HAPPY JACK'S" since about 4:00 PM, and I think I am going to stop now. Hopefully I will have the rest of the PUMPKIN PATCH letters, and the numbers 2006 completed by this time tomorrow. We'll see.


Patti said...

What a little cutie pie - he certainly does need an I-spy quilt. I really like how the happy jack top is turnout out. What a great idea!

Bonnie said...

The quilt is turning out so great! And how fun to do it NOW so it will be ready for fall when you get it finished. The letters are wonderful, and the pics of stephen are darling......I love the backing fabric your friend is sharing with you, it's perfect!


dot said...

I can't blame the little guy. Who couldn't love that fabric and want it all to themselves. I will be the first with there hands up for any extras you don't want. The quilt looks like it is comming along nicely.

dot said...

opps that should be their instead of there. But my hand is still up.

Ms. Jan said...

The only thing in the world cuter than the quilt is Stephen--what a doll!

The Calico Cat said...

Little boy looks like he is having so much fun with those HUGE kitties!

Happy Valley Quilter said...

Your quilt turned out great! It reminds me of my grandmother who was a school teacher. We weren't allowed a piece of pie until we said "pumPkin" and not "punkin." It puts a smile on my face every time I think of Thanksgiving dinner at her home.

Thanks for posting a picture of your group in front of the quilt. I thought it was much smaller, but can now we how big it actually is. Nice work!

Sandra said...

The quilt looks great, the words turned out to be perfect for it and your quilting group looks a very fun bunch of girls :-)

Finn said...

The quilt looks smashing!! I love it..*VBS* And aren't those old Alexander fabric fun??? I really like his stuff..wonderful that your friend shared it with you..*VBS* Stephen is adorable, as always!

Holly said...

To share the work on the words (and blocks) was a great idea. I'm reading your blog backwards, can you tell? LOL You look like a happy bunch. What fun :)