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Sunday, January 13, 2013

She's ALIVE!!!

Where oh where is Quiltgranny?
This "disappearing act" seems to have been a regular thing with me for the last 6 months or so, but I can assure you I have my feet back under me now, and the wind in my sails!
I could tell you that I've been sick (which I have), I could tell you that the family has been sick (which they have), or I could tell you that the dog ate my homework (which I don't think happened).  
    Mostly, I have to admit a certain kind of ennui, a kind that I can't quite put my finger on, but I am in a better frame of mind today and so too, last week. The definition of ennui is weary or bored. Bored, I am not, but weary I am. I don't know about you, I am weary of the senseless killing across the nation and the world; the movies filled with hate, blood and guts; and the overall negative tone and spirit of non-compromise in our political world. I am weary of the ads on television for cars I don't want, for medicines I will never use, and all the sports anyone could ever care to watch hour after hour.
     I was also weary of getting ready for the holiday, and then getting it all undone and put away.  Nothing seemed to be easy this past year.  And all I wanted for Christmas was an "easy button"!  LOL!  I didn't get it, though.
     ENOUGH of all that, I said!!!!  I just want to sew!  And like Rodney King said, "Can't we all just get along?"
     So with that said, my New Year will be filled with positive views and I will turn away from the negative. 
     So really, what has  Quiltgranny been doing besides whining (internally)?
     Well first, I took myself to a local retreat with some girlfriends the first week of December.  I thought that would be a nice break from the craziness, and it was!  It just wasn't long enough or far enough away, even though my car looks like I am packed for a month!  LOL!  
Retreat HO!
Ibby and her Christmas Ornaments
I liked Ibbys's ornaments so I much, I made some to make covers for binders.
These were a Christmas present for Phyllis, my neighbor.
I also have fallen in love with Gyleen Fitzgerald's Trash to Treasure Pineapple ruler.  It's like eating peanuts, you can't stop with just one! I have about 30 of them done now.
Nancy's Olivia.  I love the Snail's Trail blocks!
Tina with a finished Snail's Trail - I love the borders!
     I still have been working on the "stewdio" space.  I've had a couple of small groups over, and so some areas have been tweaked.  As soon as I download more pictures, I'll get an updated view.  I am loving working in my space now.  My friend Sue W. sent me a nice email telling me how I've inspired her to work on her space too.  So, I will keep sharing the news on the "stewdio" too in the coming weeks and months.
     Right now, I am working on Japanese X blocks.  These are part of a swap that I was lucky enough to arrange with some friends who have already completed the first leg of a swap with others.  Apparently I missed their initial arrangements, but lucky for me, they still needed/wanted a few more of them.  Last night, I got all the parts together, and tonight I am going to sew some before and maybe after Downton Abbey.  I love their scrappiness!  The tutorial is here, if you want to make some of your own.
This one is from Gone Aussie Quilting
     My guild has a lot of projects coming up this year, and as soon as I can get a handle on which ones I want to do, I will start sharing those with you too.  In the meantime, stay happy, healthy, warm and stitching!
Mayo the Wonder Dog is a great snuggler under a flannel rag quilt!


Anonymous said...

Welcome "back". It sounds like you have had some moments of "regrouping". I often have to remind myself to readjust my vision from horizontal to vertical refocusing on the One Who holds the world in His hands and, even though things appear chaotic and out of control, He is above all and in control of all AND He loves His "dust people" immeasurably! Blessings and hugs and I look forward to your future sharings, Doreen

Cher said...

amen to being weary of being weary!
looking forward to more sharing of everything from you...bit by bit into the positive and the energy coming back!