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Friday, November 16, 2012

Well, since I returned from Michigan, I've been to the Des Moines IA Quilt Show, and helped with our local guild's quilt show and kept working on my flower job AND getting my stewdio all ready.  Along with the normal craziness, there you have it!

Since this will be a short post (I can't keep waiting until I have the time to write everything I want), I will post the pictures of my new stewdio space now.  The Amazing Quilt Babes will be here tomorrow morning to break it in, so to speak.  I am pretty pleased with how it's turned out, and I hope I don't have much more moving around to get things in just the right place.  You can double click the pictures to see them larger, too.
This is the entire view from across the room (without the design wall on the right side)
Design Wall side beside my "faux" door 
Closer view on the east side
Behind the "guest work table" are all my sorted fabric bins
Closer view of my sewing table and big board
 my personal cutting table is behind the sewing machine by the window 
I went to a local furniture consignment store to see if they would take my HUGE glass tables from the big house.  What did I find?  The guest work table for a pretty price AND they delivered it for me too!  Kewl Beans!
My favorite painted chest, and my board o'ribbons and junk
I store my larger hoops and infrequently used tools in the chest
I was able to mostly cover the circuit breaker box with little quilts.
The pegboard stores all my specialty rulers.
This is my personal cutting table.  I found it at a church rummage sale for only $20.00!
I have so many projects that I found while I was sorting, I can hardly wait to get started!  Tomorrow, though will find me sorting those two tubs of scraps (seen in the third picture down).  That way I have all my fabric for another project almost ready to roll!

Have fun, and keep stitching!


Anonymous said...

wonderful, and good light

knitnoid said...

What a wonderful space. I'm sure you and your friends will have a great time.

pizzaeater said...

Love your sign talking about "Running With Scissors."

powersthatbeequilting said...

I'm envious of the space - but also of the sorted fabrics!

Unknown said...

Great space, great organization. Good for you and motivation for me!