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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Quilt Show!

Every two years the Wichita Kansas quilt guilt, Common Threads, has a humongous show. I'd heard about it, but it seemed that I was always doing something else that weekend so I have never gone. Wichita is 3 hours west of where I live, certainly doable as a day trip. As a matter of fact, my very own guild took a bus trip there the opening day!
Because I get motion sickness on a bus, my gal pals, Vicky and Carol and I decided to drive there together and stay all night. We left Friday morning, checked in to our hotel, unloaded our stuff and set off for the show. We stayed at one of the hotels connected to the convention center, so it was a brief walk to the fun!
Vicky, Carol, Sharon
Just so I don't get sidetracked, I'm going to post the pictures of quilts that I AM GOING WANT TO MAKE. For the last year, I've been thinking about the illusion of curves with straight pieces. I don't know just yet which of these it will be, but you can bet that I WILL have one of these on my design wall before the end of 2013. Maybe, if I can get my act together, it can be my winter retreat project! You notice, I didn't say which winter retreat year, right?
Scrappy illusion of white circles
Storm at sea, bold colors
Close up Storm at Sea, soft colors
Storm at Sea, soft colors
No clue as to the pattern name, but there's so much spacing for quilting!
No illusions on the Lil Twister, just lots and lots and lots of pieces!  Did I say lots of pieces?
Lil Twister
And I bought the template - now to sort my fabrics!
That's what I love about going to quilt shows. You get lots of inspiration for your own work! With about 500 quilts at this show, there was LOTS of inspiration, for sure! Anyone who knows my quilts, knows that I love scrappy, 
scrappy, scrappy, and lots of colors. Any one of these fits the bill, but the last one I am showing you today is a definite long term project that is now on my list!!
My favorite of the show, by Janet Ghilino Bates
This is huge!
Shirting samples were used 
You know I have shirtings!
Can you see the block?
I have many more pictures to share, so that's for another post later today. Right now, I still need to unpack my goodies, and get ready for a sew day tomorrow. Enjoy this little show now, and check back later for more!

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Loris said...

These quilts are gorgeous! Love that shirtings quilt...and I'm glad you identified the actual block..I wouldn't have figured it out :-) Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm happy it was so fun for you.