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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Another Day/Week in Michigan

On our drive to Suttons Bay, we saw a little gallery that had many kinetic wind sculptures in the yard, and these interesting sculptures. So of course, we had to stop and investigate!
I want the big bug on the roof!
And how about a giraffe family in your corn?
This is my totally favorite of Gwen's quilts, EVER! Not only do I want it, I want to make one too! Those liberated stars are 3"!!!! Have I LOST my mind?
Gwen thinks I have!
Tiny, tiny stars!
Look at that hand quilting!
And it just wouldn't be a good retreat without a refreshing swim in Elk Rapids. Now, remember the temperature this day wasn't over 60 degrees, and this is a spring fed lake. We were in the water about 20 minutes, but 18 minutes of it was just ME in getting in. The other 2 minutes was me flying out! LOL!
Me, Margaret and Marge - Wendy was in, but is taking the picture!
So without further ado, here are some favorites from the class.  I don't have all the names mentioned with the quilts, so forgive me for that.  There were a couple of new people, and I don't have my class roster handy to put them in the right places.  I'll try to get that corrected over the next couple of days, though.
Gwen's Liberated Baskets
Carol R.'s liberated sand pails 
Carol B.'s liberated "jacks"
Carol B.'s Liberated flying geese
Cassie's (?) Liberated all over 
Love the graphics of this one (Lois?)
Jenny's liberated baskets
Eleanor's liberated French fabric samples
Now, that I am back, I've been pretty busy with some last minute obligations.  I had a lunch/tea with my 1966 High School girlfriends today, a stitch day with my Amazing Quilt Babes yesterday, and I have been working on The Rambling River project frantically trying to finish all that I want to do to it before the due date this week.  Then this next Saturday I have a trunk show to do about an hour away, and a tea for Breast Cancer that I always make a quilt for their auction each year - and yes, that's going to be picked up from the quilter tomorrow.  Does that make you as tired as me?  It does for my furry friends!
Mayo the Wonder Dog and Clyde the cat are finally buddies
See you in a couple of days or so with more pictures of what's making me tired, but smiling!


Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh yes! That is one of my favorite quilts of her too! I love that star quilt!

QuiltingFitzy said...

oh my...I love the stars too!

AuntieAllyn said...

Hmmm, this may be the year that I put together my "liberated martinis" quilt! Thanx for posting the pictures from the second week crowd . . . missed you guys

Loris said...

I love those stars too. And the rest of the quilts are wonderful as well. Such fun baskets!

Lynn said...

I fell in love with the tiny stars too. I have been working feverishly on three inch stars since retreat. The top is almost finished.