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Monday, May 26, 2008

Let there be Socks!

My mother is the one to blame, I guess. I just can't sit and do nothing, and it never fared well to tell her that I was bored! Only boring people get bored, she would say. So I read, and I sew, and I write letters and read my mail.

And I do love to read! My eyes are tired today, though, with the overcast skies and more warnings of rain and severe weather. The grass is looking great, and the flowers are all starting to bloom nicely - so are the weeds. Tomorrow will find me doing a little weeding here and some planting at the new house, too.

The grand kids were over the last two days in the pool, and the little one is now mostly swimming instead of drinking the water, so it's pretty fun. Today was to be burgers and brats on the grill, but it rained, and they decided to stay home instead. Son and his girls will still come for their Monday night feed in a bit, and I decided to make meatloaf for them. His two girls head back East this coming weekend to visit their mother for a month, and meatloaf is one of their favorites. So meatloaf it is!

I decided that since my sewing is boxed up and most of it is sitting at the new house, I would find something else to keep my hands busy. My friend, Judy, found this book for me, and started me out with understanding what I am to do with this new project. I think I am going to like this! Ask me again after 6" of knitting and purling on these 2 circular needles!


Anonymous said...

Neat! Those socks will be great and keep you from missing "hand work" too much. Hope you're back in the stewdio before too long. Wendy

Niki said...

I'd love to have you join us quilters on my new quilt blog. Get listed!
Hope to see you over there. And spread the word, our goal is 200 by the end of 2008! hugs!
niki xoxo

Valerie said...

I am so glad you joined the just us quilters blog because that is how I found you. I love your blog and look forward to more visits with you.

Carol E. said...

I just love hand-knitted socks. Can't wait to see how these turn out.

andsewitis Holly said...

Hi Sharon - it's been a while since I visited the Mavericks :) I like to pop in once in a while to see what you are up to. I just finished reading A Good Yarn where socks are knitted on circular needles. I may have to give it a try, too. Let us know your impressions.

Chris said...

Great socks! I did my first pair of socks last fall, you can see them on my blog ( but I used the magic loop method with one long circular needle. It was fast and fun!!! I am almost done with my second pair.