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Monday, September 03, 2007

More Nashville Stories

Have you ever heard the phrase "Quilters are just friends you haven't met yet?" Well, here are some St. Louis, MO friends I hadn't met yet! I am so sorry, but I can't remember everyone's name, but the closest one to me is Debbie could I NOT remember that? And the lady (mom) in the rose colored shirt is Rose.

While I was at the Nashville AQS show, I sat down on the steps to wait for my friend Carolyn. Sharing the steps with me were these gals, talking about what they had bought, and of course, I had to get into the conversation, too. Carolyn arrived, and we continued the conversation with suggesting a background fabric for their gramma's 30's blocks (Kona Cotton Snow), explaining an easier way of applique, and in general sharing quilting talk - as quilters do.

We all laughed a lot when we found out they have another relative that lives fairly close to us, and they come to the Kansas City metro area several times a year. So, the pencils came out, and a list of all the fabulous quilt shops in our area were made. I hope they make a comment on this blog so I can get their email address and we can visit again when they come to town!

Another friend I hadn't met yet in person was Debby. She was so busy at the time I was there, I hope I didn't get her in a spot of trouble by taking time out for a picture! I guess I just missed Judy, but she's about an hour and a half away so maybe I'll get her here before the end of the year!! Of course, I've been trying to find some time to see her since she moved to MO, and that hasn't happened yet!

Debby and Sharon at Nashville AQS, 2007.

There were some beautiful quilts, and some fantastic quilts, wonderful ideas, and unique perspectives. I came away, as usual, with more ideas than I'll ever be able to use, and inspired to play again with color and fabric.

More on the show and the last of my genealogy trip in the next post.


Karen said...

Just looks like a lot of very, very nice quilters! Sounds like you really had fun there.

Judy said...

We always have the best conversations at the quilt show with people we don't know!! During lunch or waiting for the doors to open!

YankeeQuilter said...

What a great trip. My husband's uncle has done a lot of writing on the civil war and has traced their family. It is facinating to read.

ROZ said...

Someday, I have to go to a quilt show. You make it sound like such fun.